Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Yep, this is what we experienced tonight on our date.  Mike wanted to show me what he has been seeing everyday on his drive while working on his way over to Panguitch Lake.  Wouldn't you say grand beauty!

We ended the evening on a low tank of gas and dinner at Milt's.  Delish!

I had to smile when Mike said while sightseeing . . . "We have sure changed, this is what old people do for dates."

I don't mind, I would say it was an awesome night old or not!

Sunday, September 14, 2014


Just like I looked forward for Zack's missionary emails on Mondays; I can't wait to get my phone call from Keely on Sundays.

I can't believe what she is up to with each phone call.  How can she be my kid?  She is soooo much better.

Keely told me all about her service hours this weekend. It was a benefit dinner for cleaner air in Salt Lake City, Utah.

"Mom, you ought to have seen all the rich people there.  There were doctors donating thousands of dollars.  One man purchased one item at the auction and gave twenty thousand.  Another one said, "If this item's bid gets up to ten thousand, I will match it."

In order for Keely to get accepted to medical school, she has to have 300 service hours, along with a job, good grades and a hobby.  Oops, I forgot plus 200 hours of patient care, 100 hours of research and leadership positions too.

She's sure striving right now to do it all.  She also just told me she got hired for another job.  "Keely, you are not going to have two jobs!"  You are first up there to be a good student!  Now follow your mom's rules.

Keely and the other volunteers were there to cater to the rich.  Serve them dinner and clean up.  She didn't think it was a task at all.  "Mom, I got a shirt, free dinner and 5 service hours."

I'm so proud of My Girl!  Her pledge for cleaner air:  "I will walk whenever possible."

"Mom, you can't go out of town without phone service ever again."

Friday, September 12, 2014


Mike asked me to go to the mountain this weekend; I jumped at the offer. Then he had second thoughts; the mountains aren't for women!  He said he was worried I might not enjoy it. Little does he know that when I say yes, I make the most out of it.

Thursday evening he hurried and got the trailer; packed and loaded and ready to go. We were going to leave Friday right after work. Surprisingly, Friday, UPS called early in the morning, "Mike you want the day off, the freight hasn't come in?"  It was perfect, we were able to head up to the mountain early.

 Off we go!

We arrived and set up our home for the weekend at Cold Springs on the Gooseberry mountain.  Minutes later, the breeze in the air told us there was something dead.  "Oh yuck, I'm going to have to go find and bury it."  I had forgot that distintive smell, but that's pretty common when you are up in the hills.

Mike's plans after unpacking was to get going. We were there to find elk - scouting for the spike hunt. But first off, dinner in the oven. We wanted that ready when we returned.
Mike was in charge of breakfast and lunches. I was in charge of the dinners - hobo dinners, cheese broccoli soup with our final peach pie for dessert

 What is it about this man in camoflauge? mmm . . . He turns me on.

We got all ready in our hunting attire. Mike let me know these trousers I'm wearing were his when he was a boy.  Just imagine, all the fun this young boy had. I later found out; he knows this mountain backwards and forward.

We were kind of disappointed after our first 4-wheeler ride on Friday night; not much was found and only one bugling heard. "Maybe it's too early, the bulls aren't too stirred up yet," Mike said.

That night after dinner, we got our clothes all laid out because 5 am Saturday morning was going to come around early. I had two layers of pants, one highly insulated, two shirts and a hoodie and a coat if needed. Mike predicted the morning was going to be cold.

It's not too much fun sleeping together in the trailer; so I decided Mike could have the bed and I was going to take the couch. It was a lot more comfortable in the family room; the heater was there at the foot of the couch and the wide open sleeping bag was going to be much more pleasing. Besides, Mike likes to be cold in the bedroom.

Mike laid by me that night; and told me a few stories. Kissed me goodnight and the lights were out!

I didn't sleep good that night and Mike didn't either. When you know you have to get up at a different time than you usually do, you are up all night waiting for that alarm to sound.
5 am, we were glad it was here. We were excited to find lots of elk, not particularly deer. Mike told me we were going to get in there before the elk arose. I wondered, "How in the heck are we going to find the trail in the dark? We left the trailer at 5:30 am, took a bathroom stop and headed out.
We got off the 4-wheeler at the bottom of Slaughter Gulch at 6 am.  A 30 minute ride and no one near. We started walking.

I knew I had to be quiet; I didn't want to be noisy like Mike says Keaton and Zack are. I wanted Mike to know I was a hunter woman!  I carefully followed Mike's lead. It was amazing how he knew right where to go. The stars were still out and to the east was a light haze in the sky.
It's not everyday that I see the sunrise. It was beautiful as we continued to our destiny. We arrived and sat down, shed a few layers of clothing and Mike continued . . . with his stories.  It was right here Dad and I shot an elk.
I saw Woody there. Woody Woodpecker and heard a black squirrel. I didn't know that there were black squirrels.  I learned a lot this morning about the hills. Mike told me all about the rut and the man's ego. "We are just like animals," Mike continued.
 "Look there; a pine hen destroyed by a hawk or an eagle."

The forest was beautiful. I saw mushrooms that reminded me of the days I read Summer of the Monkeys to my fourth graders. It was a fairy ring I was looking for, a circle of mushrooms needed to be found - that would bring us GOOD LUCK!

"What is this interesting plant?  Mike are these Black Eyed Susans going dead?"  "Nope, those are called Black Toes, that's what I call them. This is what we would do when we were young." Mike tore one off and proceeded to do his thing. He would raise his leg and hit the stem against his leg and the black toe would go flying. That was another story I heard.

And then there was Annie Banks. Have you heard her scary stories? We saw her too in the forest.
We hiked and hiked and kept on hiking. We were up, we were down, then we were back up again. I think I sat upon the top of the world several times. My knees got weak as I sat high upon the top of the lava cliffs; I was scared!  Was I really going to be able to get down?
As Mike led the way, I wondered, "Why would he go that way?"  If I was the leader, I would have gone that way. I told Mike to get going, I would find my own way down from this GIANT lava hill. I couldn't go fast like him; I was a 51 year old lady.  But in my mind, I feel like I'm 21. "Really?" Mike asks.  "You bet, 21 with a lot more SPUNK than I had back then!"
We didn't see a darn thing that morning. Mike spotted two elk early in the morning, but it was too dark for my eyes to see. But even with that, I was enjoying myself.  I was getting some GREAT exercising.

We took a few breaks and sat down to eat. Mike's backpack contained, Twix for me, Snickers for him, crackers with chicken and tuna salad, a cliff bar and a green apple for me and a red one for him; and of course, a lot of water. It was perfect!

7 hours later at 12:30 pm, we arrived back where Old Yeller (1999 Honda) was parked. Mike took out his map from the trunk of his 4 wheeler.  He wanted to know exactly where we had traveled that morning. After fingering his way on the trail on the map, I heard him say, "Impressive!"

"What do you want to do Kim? Go back to the trailer and have a nap or continue?"  I want to do what you want to do Mike. So I wasn't surprised when Mike headed off on another trail.
This time we were on the 4-wheeler.  The Autumn leaves were gorgeous down in Brown's hole!  "Isn't it something how these trees get even more beautiful when dying."  Mike and I had a good time.

We got to go back to the trailer for a 30 minute nap; but Mike just had to get back out fast.  He was there for one reason and up to this point, we were both kind of disappointed. We needed to find elk!

Once more on the 4 wheeler to another trail.  Booie's Road, this one is called.

Oh, I wish I could have a recording for you of what we heard this evening. The elk were screaming!
I have always had a lot of respect for Mike in the hills. He's a dead on shooter and knows his stuff. Plus he's sure cute in his clothing. Those hunters with the bull tags this weekend should have been right by his hip. They would have got to shoot the biggest bull on this mountain tonight. Mike led me right to Grand Dad!  A six point hanging out with his harem.
Those big bulls are the boss and they have all the ladies.  Those younger bulls have to try to steal them.

We watched and listened; it was sooooo much fun. Then off to Poison Pond for the finale.
Mike and I laid there on top of the mountain. We both had our binoculars out and we were quiet. Mike knows how to take care of me. I felt important with my own set of glasses. Thank you Mikey.
Mike knew if we kept our eyes on this opening, those sounds we were hearing were going to come in the clearing.  That's just exactly what happened. We saw soooo many elk. Bulls, cows and calves and just what Mike was scouting for - - - SPIKE elk!  To Mike's surprise, Spikezilla was there. His antler (not his horn) was at least 3 feet high; so unreal!

Mike got soo excited because in 3 weeks, he and his crew will be up on the Goose for the Spike and Cow hunt.
As the sun went down and it began to get dark, Mike and I walked down the trail happy as larks. We had seen just what we wanted  . . . and we were hungry.

Back to the trailer, showered and fed, we both gave each other massages and went to bed.

And the best part of the trip was when Mike said, "We are sleeping in in the morning."

It was a fun weekend.


I'm questioning me.  After hearing about all the weed . . . I don't know if I should have let my children attend.
Keaton drove to Salt Lake to meet up with Keely for his very first concert. I don't know these singers, but I've heard they are very popular.  I texted them both during the show. Keaton's response with a picture attached, "Mom, I'm having a blast!"

I guess I can't shelter them all my life . . . they eventually move on to college life.  Please make good choices kids.

Keely loves Drake; Keaton Lil Wayne.

Drake owes it all to Lil Wayne. He's the one that made Drake famous. Drake knows it and gives Lil Wayne the credit, but tonight it was a competition between the two of them. Drake was ahead, but Lil Wayne won in the end.  Now they are all tied up 13 to 13.  Good luck in Colorado.

Thursday, September 11, 2014


That's the theme at our favorite lunch spot in St. George.
Every time I go to St. George for the day, I try to meet up with my sister Glenda Gai; and if we can coordinate the time just right, we are lucky to have Kandi, my niece, join us.  The food at Camille's hits the spot, but what is the most fun is all the laughs we have.  Such good therapy.

Oh, how times have changed.  Kandi, just look at us all, we are smiling.

Kandi showed some throw back pictures of us when we were young. We had to all laugh because I was so mad in everyone.  I'll post some a little later to let you view.  It's quite comical.

Glenda had all the money in the world and she spoiled her kids rotten; yep that's what I thought. I was so mad because Kandi always got what she wanted and I was always left out.  Mom was a tight wad and was very thrifty. I always had hand me downs and they were ugly.  I looked like a boy and my hair was always trimmed short because my mom didn't know how to do it. Mom's excuse was to me, "Kim, we will keep your hair short and when you get older you will see that because of this, your hair will be so thick and pretty."  Ya, she brained washed me on a lot of things to make her life a little easier. Kand's hair was long, curled and so beautiful.  Wouldn't you say that's enough to make a young girl angry!

Glenda and I always get soup and sandwich; Glenda always has to have a sample; it is so funny.  Kandi gets the Thai pizza; it's really good, but most of all, it's the company.  I love you two.
"Let's take another one." Glenda requests. Oh Glenda, I love YOU!

Monday, September 8, 2014


I walked into town this morning; to Pizza Factory and back. 7 miles exact!  It was a beautiful crisp air filled day.  I walked down Fiddler's Canyon road then took a left on to Wedgewood.  The road is shaded there and I looked miles ahead at the Leigh Hill mountains.  It was beautiful; the only thing missing were the hot air balloons that jogged my memory.

"What is today?"  I thought. Something whispered in my ear, September mourning yep!  September 8th, that's today.  The day Old Man Milne left this planet.

Oh, I love my dad. I have to smile while typing planet. He told me the last few years, "I'm ready to leave this planet."  Dad I miss your bull shit. You were always good for a laugh.  Dad didn't like how this world was going; it was nothing like the days he grew up in. This earth was becoming something that wasn't comfortable to him, that's why he called it a planet.

As I walked another mile and a half,  "You Are Not Alone," sung by Jada Facer, not Michael Jackson this time came up on my playlist.  Really? that's the song Jada sang in dad's funeral.  All the memories started coming back as I continued walking.

At one part in the song it says, "Just the other night; I thought I heard you cry, asking me to come and hold you in my arms. I can hear your prayers; you're burdens I will bear. But first I need your hand and then forever can begin . . . "

We knew our dad was going to die; the doctors told us so. But we didn't know when.  He wanted to die at home, but us sisters didn't want him alone, so we put him in the Beehive home. At least there, he would have someone always there in case he did pass away and we were not near.

We all visited Dad that week; he was doing good we thought.  We left him Friday night thinking all was well.  Glenda got the call Saturday morning around 8 o'clock from the nurse that said, "Glenda, I went in to check on your dad; he's weak. He didn't want his cup of coffee, but he keeps saying, "Call Glenda, call Glenda."

Glenda drove down quickly. She only lived a couple miles away.  When she walked into the room she knew it was dad's last hours.  She hurried and took his hand and talked him through it. He was going to the other side. Glenda dialed my number and I got to tell my dad for the last time, "I love you. Thank you for being such a good dad; I'm going to miss you."

I didn't hear anything on the other end, but Glenda said a tear rolled down his cheek. He was gone in a couple of minute after that.

Though we're far apart . . . you are always in my heart. YOU were such a GREAT dad Old Man Milne.

Thank you Glenda for being there and holding his hand.

 Me and My Dad - on his 90th Birthday.  He died 1 month later.
 Here's Glenda Gai; such a good daughter and sister.  She took such good care of our father.

Sunday, September 7, 2014


Keaton wanted the new Xbox 1; I don't know why I'm always so good to him. I do know why; he's such a good boy. I was off to the store to buy it when Mike shook his head at me and said, "It would be best Kim if Keaton worked for it."  So . . . Mike called the chore and I had to break the news to Keaton. "You need to fill in the trampoline hole."  Keaton didn't want to wait.  He wanted it now.  That's how he always is - now, now, now.

But Keaton knows the importance of obeying and respecting both of his parents; so he didn't complain much and went to work on it.

As I watched Keaton shovel the dirt into the hole; my heart recalled memories that were not buried inside me yet. It was me that designed the backyard; I got the Beatty boys, Clay Nelson, Curtis Jones, and Roundy to help. I hired them all; I had no man around.  I wanted a baseball field, a basketball court with lights, a cement pad for teenagers to dance on, and a safe trampoline pit. I wanted the grass to go from wall to wall.  I didn't want any planters to have to weed and hoe. It was a beautiful sight when it was all done. I even mowed that big field of grass for a couple of years until Mike and his boys came around.

I remember on the 4th of July, 2004, Mike and I laid out on that trampoline and watched the fireworks blasting off in the night sky.  Did you know that there is a heart shaped firework?  I didn't either, was I just seeing things that night or was it in my eye sight when I saw that firework ignite?  Destiny - maybe?  Mike told me he loved me right there on that trampoline that night!

I had to smile this year when Keely said, "Mom, did you know that there is a heart firework, I saw one this year up to Brianhead?"  I smiled and recalled, "Yes Keely there's really one; I saw a heart firework ten years ago."

So many memories of that trampoline.  The kids loved it and spent most of their days jumping up and down. Gymnastics helped them do flips and turns on it all day long. I was so proud of my kids as they would jump sky high and then do a flip - frontward and backwards each time. (I never dared do that as a child.) It didn't take them long to learn to jump with all their weight right next to their friend to send them up high in the sky.  Oh, it was great!

It wasn't much fun, however, when a bee hive was found underneath the trampoline one summer day.  Those bees loved the coziness under the springs and they scared the kids to death as them swarmed around them.  It took awhile for the children to come back on that trampoline to play.

The kids stopped jumping on it when the boarded walls started falling in.  It's been an eye sore open pit ever since.

Trying to get the job Mike requested done, Keaton's been working on this everyday for a week. He even recruited his friend, Jaden Black, to pitch in. Thank you Jaden. Day 2 on the job, Jaden gave Keaton an idea, "How much would a truck load of dirt cost from Dirt Works?" they even called, "One hundred bucks!" they said.

Keaton wasn't complaining much as the days went by; I think he was feeling pretty good about his accomplishment as he saw the pit filling in and he was feeling strong as he was getting extra workouts on his big muscles.

Finally today, Mike started helping him and it sure made the difference; Mike's a real man and a fast worker.  They worked for at least 4 hours today alone and when Keaton came in and I complimented him on his efforts, he said, "Not done yet," in a nice tone.

I'm not going to miss looking at that empty hole; it's been vacant for a  few years now.  It will be nice to have it all filled in and covered with grass and maybe "a shade tree or how about a peach tree," Mike says. However, I'm sure going to miss those days when I looked out the kitchen window and saw my little ones jumping and having fun.  Those were the days.

Do you think I'm in a depression?  All I can think about were the good ole days when my kids were young. 

 Mike usually makes French toast on Sunday morning, but this morning he just wasn't feeling it.  He was going for the famous Hansen egg sandwich.  It's even better than McDonalds or Ihop.  

We talked about a heart shaped firework.  Have you ever seen a double yolked egg? Twins!  Us either.  We did today; just look at that!  I didn't dare eat it, but it didn't bother Keaton.  "Double the goodness," he said.