Monday, February 8, 2016


It's Superbowl X at the Smiths.  Good food, good company and a good game. Broncos win!

Sunday, February 7, 2016


Mike and the bike surgeon from Brianhead have been working on finding me a bike on the internet.  I've been riding the surgeon's wife's bike to help me decide if I really want to get into this sport. It kind of scares me, "Do I really want to do this?"

The bike arrived Wednesday from the wrong delivery.  Mike was ticked!  Oh well, it got here in one package.

The surgeon with Mike's help put the bike together and made sure everything was tight. We then headed to St. George. There was no way we could ride here; look at the snow. It's cold!

It was a test run this weekend. We needed to see if this bike and fit was right for Mrs. Mike. That's what the surgeon calls me. I like it.

Mike had his fingers crossed, "I sure hope Kim likes this bike. I can't having her cussing me more."

As Mike and I were riding through the Washington fields, I was trying to think of a name for my new girl. She's a Trek brand. "What's a cute name that might go with T?" I was thinking as I kept peddling.

Tina! came to my mind, so I explored it further as I caught up to Mike.

"Hey Mike, I think I might have a name for my bike, Tina."

I had it all lined out in my mind as I asked him, "Who do you know that's named Tina?" I asked.

Mike responded immediately, "Turner."  Perfect, I thought. It's going good so far.

"What is she most famous for?" I continued. Wondering if his thoughts were the same as mine.

"Her legs," he answered.  BINGO!

"Yep, and that's exactly why I'm riding this bike. I want to have sexy legs like hers.

Mike smiled, but then said, "I was thinking about naming her Pause."

"What?" I questioned him with my eyebrows wrinkled up as we rode side by side.

"Menopause." "You know, that's what you are going through right now."

I shook my head, "No!" and took off speeding ahead of him.

Then I heard him holler, "I'm going to measure those legs when we get home."

Yep, I'm pretty sure her name is going to be Tina.


Life is just better with church in your life.  That's what I think.

Mike had our Sunday all lined out. "Church at nine." As he pulls up to a different church house this morning at Green Springs in Washington.

"How come we are going to this one?" I asked.  

He answers, "I just have a feeling this is the one."  It's fun to switch around.  We have been attending church in St. George and since we don't belong to a certain one, we get to choose which chapel.

It's interesting going to each one.  They are all unique in their own wards. "Pick the soft seats," Mike states as we walk in.

We found ourselves behind a father trying to take care of his two young daughters. "Where's his wife?" He was having a hard time instructing those girls as we laughed. He had to turn it over to his older son to handle it.

Wow, the bread chunks were massive. "Any man wearing a skirt can give you a big chunk of bread," Mike says as I noticed the older man at the sacrament table in his Polynesian culture dress.

It was fast and testimony meeting today.  The bishopric started talking about the Provo City temple and how it is so beautiful.  Mike and I agreed.  He went on to say, "Heavenly Father wants us to be in beautiful places.  He wants us to be beautiful people."  I loved this statement.

A little boy got up and said how he doesn't get out of the house much.  He usually just plays video games, but one day his dad came into his room and asked if he wanted to go to work with him.  His dad is a landscaper and he had such a good time. "I love my dad," he said.  "I don't love my mom as much.  All I do with my mom is that she takes me shopping.  She makes me go get the groceries while she tends the younger kids.  "I have to get the stuff and put it in the cart." We laughed.

A lady got up, she was nervous as she was practicing her yoga breathing.  She did a good job, but it was her husband that followed that stole the show.  He had a happy attitude as he bore his testimony.  "I walked into the room one day and caught my wife as she hurried and took some papers off the printer and hid them behind her back.  I got it out of her that those papers were ideas to spice up our love life; I was excited as the days went by thinking in my mind that she too was trying."  Oh, how important a husband and wife's relationship is. He was cute. He went on and said many important things about marriage and families.

The meeting went on, there were many others.  We were in overtime, 10 after the hour when the older man got up and testified.  "God will take care of the things we can't."

Mike was truly inspired today.  It was the sacrament meeting for us.  It was fun, it was enjoyable and it was meaningful. We loved it.

I love church.  It makes my weekdays so much better.  It helps me be a better wife, a better mother and a better person.

Thank you Heavenly Father.  We need Sundays in our lives.

Saturday, February 6, 2016


The BYU Cougars were in both dugouts at the Dixie Flyer Field here in St. George, Utah this weekend.  They came to Dixie to find a field without snow on it to scrimmage each other.  Perfect for us.  We jumped in the car and came to watch.  It was fun to listen to Coach Mike Littlewood instruct his team.  He's a great coach and person. Coach Littlewood is a winner and he wants his players to be also.  I love it!  I love the expectations he has and the discipline.

Keaton went 1 for 3 with a walk on Friday.  He played right field. He threw two guys out; one at home and another one at third.  His throw was right on the money; way to go!

Saturday, Keaton played left field.  Batted 2 for 4 with a double off the wall and a single up the middle.  Another bat was a productive out when Littlewood signaled Keaton to hit to the right side to move the runner over to third. "Good job Keat."


Uncle Blaine was in town from New Mexico.  Cousin Carter went through the temple.  It was perfect timing to have Blaine here for he had just the book to help Keaton with base running. Look who is on the front cover - Sammy Sosa.  I remember those days. So many memories; card baseball in our front room and playing outside on the lawn pretending we were one of these professionals.

The BYU baseball team is FULL of potential drafted prospects.  As we watched each player this weekend - EVERYONE IS GOOD.

After the game on Saturday, I hugged my boy goodbye as he jumped on the bus and headed back North.  Mike and I stayed in St. George and face timed him tonight.  We wanted to hear all about his weekend.  BYU really treats these boys great!

What a blessing.


You're still OWL that!

Illustrator's coming around with a little help from Photoshop and Mike

Mike's demanding all natur owl with the Apple.  I'm working on it.  It's hard learning new software.

Friday, February 5, 2016


 My Keely Valentine

Did you know that's her name?  I wanted to name her Bonnie Blue, but her dad got his way. He had her named picked out from the moment he met her on the ultrasound. I do love her name; Keely Valentine.  It fits her perfectly.

Keely was all I ever really wanted; in my dreams and in my goals in life. I wanted to be a mother. I finally got my baby girl at the age of 32 years old. I quit my teaching job. I got to be with her all day long - 24/7. 

I raised other people's children for 10+ years and now I was going home to raise mine. My heart was FULL and filled with JOY! 

Keely was beautiful from day one with eyebrows painted on. 8 pounds even! She was the best baby. No crying, soft and cuddly, a bundle of LOVE!  She was my PRECIOUS! I protected her. She was my jewel. She still is. I want the very best for her. I worry about her so.

Keely's been a leader from the start.  She started talking when she was 9 months old; giving orders. She knows what she wants and has always been driven.  She's spunky, but soft. She's ambitious. She's smart. I've never once had to help her with anything except to give her money.  She loves that green stuff!

Keely Bugs, yes that's her nickname, I love you more than you will ever know.  You have blessed my life and I LOVE YOU SO!

Thursday, February 4, 2016


Cupid's arrow hits the target - One of My Valentines.

The BYU baseball team went paint balling yesterday instead of practicing.  Team camaraderie is always enjoyable. Go Cougs!
 Keaton, Gelly and Buses; 2 outfielders and a pitcher respectively.  All freshmen.

February 4th . . . huh?  This is when Keaton was suppose to be born instead of 10 days early.  Good thing; he was already 8 pounds 10 ounces at birth.

19 years ago, this kid stole my heart! He still does everyday. It's his grin. It's his personality. It's his big arms wrapped around me. It's his daily calls or texts of concern. It's his YOYO! It's the sound of the TT driving close with the windows down. It's his tender heart. It's his Playboy swagger. It's HIM!


Sidenote:  About Playboy.  When Keaton was a little boy, Aunt Glenda would tend him and Keely each day as Bill and I would go to the hospital for treatment. Keaton and Keely would play for a couple hours with all of Aunt Glenda's toys. Oh, it made a mess on her floor.

After we were finished with the hospital, I would give Glenda a call, "Heads Up!  We're on our way to pick up the kids." So Aunt Glenda would say to our children, "We need to clean up the toys; your mom and dad are coming."  One day, Keaton responded, "I'm a playboy, not a work boy!"

We have never let him live this down. He's such a Playboy! Full of life, full of fun! And loves children, adults - everyone.