Tuesday, September 30, 2014


My sister sent me to the bookstore to purchase a certain book.  When I got there, this one displayed on the shelf caught my attention first.
I picked this one up and then proceeded to the customer service booth; I needed some help finding the other one. I was only there to buy one book, but Elizabeth has always interested me, so I sat down in the comfy sofa at Barnes and Nobles and proceeded to read.  I had a few minutes actually.

I think I read for at least 20 when I thought, "I have to buy this book, I want to know all the details."

I remember the day clearly, June 5th 2002, the news had just broke, Elizabeth, only 14, had been abducted from her home last night.  I couldn't get this off my mind and went to my husband to get some comfort.  He answered, "She will be alright."  What?  How can she be alright?  Statistics show that in less that 24 hours, she will be raped and killed.     . . .  Oh, this girl and her family were on my mind,  . . . but Bill said she would be alright?

Months went by, her family kept her in the news.  That alone kept people alert!  Smart move.

I've got so much to say about my feeling here, I don't have time today, I'm off to work, but I will be back shortly.

Sunday, September 28, 2014


More concerts, more clothing and more sorority partying.

 Blake Shelton Concert met up with Josie Platt and a few other people Friday night.

A New Day Concert all day long at the University on Saturday.  Free tickets too.  The University is sooo good to their students.

Sorority meeting on Sunday evening; picking "BIG" sisters.
THEN:  the big event . . . on Monday!

  And guess who this concert was?  Keely's been looking forward to it for months!
Look how close to the stage you are!  You had great floor seats dear.

So cute. You are having toooo much fun.

And then more gratitude.  Oh, I love that!

Thursday, September 25, 2014


 My boy just can't stay away from her.
Keaton told me he was going to go watch MaKenna play soccer today; it was against CVHS.  I thought I better go to get some pictures for the newspaper. I'm their number one go to photographer.  As I'm scrolling through the photos tonight, there she is and look who's right there with her family.  My boy, Keaton Kringlen.

She is gorgeous!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Today was the day we planned to go watch Jaden play golf.  The region 9 high school tournament was in town here in Cedar City.  We have been following Jaden since he was a young kid participating in the JAG program, and now he is a ninth grader at PVHS - the only way to be those Pine View Panthers say.

It's time for the real competition. I couldn't believe how tall Jaden was.  He just broke the record of 5'11.  Look how handsome he is . . . and he's such a good boy.
Jaden is Adam and Mori's boy.  I've always loved Big A since he was a little boy.  I use to tend him and his little brothers and if they wouldn't obey, I would tie them up to the tree out in their front yard.  I think Adam still likes me though.  He never got tied up to the tree; he knew just what to do to stay on my good side.  Most of the time, he was helping me, all the time laughing, as I was tying his brothers up with the string.
Koda Bear, he let me know you spell it with a K, was so excited when Keaton showed up.  I was too, Keaton brings me a lot of smiles. What is it with baby boys?
For birdie!  Jaden drilled this long putt on hole #1 at Cedar Ridge for birdie. He's such a good player. We were all cheering in the gallery; "Way to go Jaden!"

 It was so fun to spend the day with my family.  Please let me know when there is another one.

I want to add a few more pictures.  I love to admire my family giving Keaton some lectures.
Big A got a full ride scholarship to play baseball at BYU back in his day.  He could hit a homerun right handed and then get up the next at bat and hit one left handed.  I'll never forget that!

I had to laugh today when Adam was cussing Jaden.  I said, "Now you know why you were such a good ballplayer, your dad was always cussing you, just like you are Jaden."  Adam smiled, "My dad cussed me when I went 3 for 4."  Oh us Milne's.  We are soooo hard on our children.  It's because we love them so much and know of their potential.
 Adam, I agree. I think YOU are PERFECT!  It was a great day!  Here's to another round!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


That's what Mike is teasing me about.  I thought I had made the last peach pie for him, but to my surprise Glenda got another box for me.  So we have been back on the good desserts around here. 

Mike and I were in Costco last Saturday and as I walked by the bakery while Mike was checking out the fruit, I got a whiff of spice.  It brought back all kinds of memories.  Spice cake, sliced peaches and whipped cream. My mom's dessert!

That's what I've been eating this week.  Mike won't try it; he's not giving up his fresh peach pie.  Mike came in tonight to find me at the counter enjoying myself.  He laughed at my second serving and said, "How is Momma's Memory?"

I sure wish she was here.


What is our best?  I know what my best is and it gives me stress.  If I don't give beyond a 100 percent of "What I think is best," I am disappointed in myself.  Do I have too high of expectations?  No, I don't think so.

I find it interesting that even in my best, I either get praised, ridiculed or judged.  Isn't it crazy!

I guess in the end; it's really what we feel within: we did our best.

Don't be lazy, don't give up, be honest, be ambitious and be around people that make you happy.  That's success!

Go get'em kids!

Sunday, September 21, 2014


What's she up to? 

More concerts with friends on a Friday night.

Dressing up for Frat parties on Saturday evening.  I love your dress.  (Can you hear me whistle?)
 . . . and driving to Logan to go to birthday parties.  I hope you ate a lot of cake and ice cream.  I want to see that Freshman Five Keely!

Beware . . . your mother is coming up soon.  hahaha  

PS.  As you requested:  Southwest Salad with Cilantro Honey Lime Dressing recipe coming your way immediately.

Keely, I love all the things you are doing and I am sooo proud of your bravery!  Keep it up girl!