Monday, November 30, 2015


And, I can't wait until tomorrow; I'm meeting my cousin Allison for lunch.

So so much to be THANKFUL for.  Thank YOU, THANK YOU Heavenly Father.

So long November.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Friday, November 27, 2015


I'm all gear up to go make my holiday announcement for Pizza Factory on the radio.  It's a good thing they can't see my face.

It's the middle of November and I still get to ride my bike.  I'm thankful; it is sooo good for me.

Nothing says "Happy New Year like PEP a roni pizza.  Come on in and let us serve you.

Mike really gets the credit here . . . he came up with this cute saying. 


I loved my D car, G is coming around and my bicycle helps me out.

Update:  I never thought I had another vehicle that is far better than any of the ones I have listed.  My BODY is MY VEHICLE to my soul.  As I do yoga each week, I concentrate on my body, I ponder about each limb, muscle and the fat that jiggles.  I'm SOOOO THANKFUL for it! 

I'm going to wrap myself up right now in this chair and give my body a GREAT BIG HUG!

I'm THANKFUL for Vehicles - trucks, cars, bicycles and my body.  VROOM!  VROOM!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Yes, Mike wants leftovers.  I did it all and I'm pretty proud.  I guess it's about time I start acting like I can.  I'm 52.5 years old and finally cooking my first Thanksgiving dinner all by myself.

And I got the best compliment ever . . . "It's just as good as Grandma Harris'."

My friend Alisha Black lights up my life. She's always out driving around. This warmed my heart as I read her text because it's exactly how I felt inside with my family enjoying a yummy Thanksgiving meal.

Thank you Alisha - you are a good friend.  Happy Day to you tomorrow at your dear Mother's house.