Wednesday, March 4, 2015


What would you choose?

Apples are always safe if I pack them so they don't go brown.  Oranges, ifee, but are delicious if they are in season.  Bananas . . . always have to be a titch green.  Fresh pineapple, too much will give him cankers.  Grapes are good and blackberries are his favorite. Oh, and I know, he would love a pear.
I'm still being a good wife and packing Mike's purse.  Inside you will find a variety of sandwiches; tuna, ham, or turkey with stuffing.  They have to have horseradish root mustard on them and cheese; pepper jack or cheddar, Mike likes a variety.  The lettuce will go wilted if I put it inside the sandwich; therefore, the lettuce has to go in a side baggie. If I have baked that week, Mike gets carrot cake, bran muffins or cookies. Yes, I spoil him. And now I laugh at his lingo with his fruit basket. Did I ever tell you he is benevolent?

I'm going to keep doing this until he retires; it's my way of telling him he's valuable.

I might take the summers off though Babe, you know we have discussed this.  Have a great day and look for the kisses.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Sometimes I wonder if people think I stalk them.  I'm always taking pictures and take the time to either develop or send them something.

This is what I got in my inbox this morning.

Love all these photos.
Hah I am a loud mom. 
With my hairs extended. Lol
Bill walks on his toes and was nick names Sneak as a teenager. Chaz always has too. Never flat footed. Funny. Also, Chelsi would bounce when she ran never stand still or flat. Funny kids, but love them like you do.
You're the nicest person I know to send me photos.
Love, Lisa

I love gratitude. I love people, and I love to be a part of the success! Congratulations Pine View; here comes some more pictures.

Saturday, February 28, 2015


Turn ME On!


When I was younger, junior high age, my mom and Glenda would load up the truck and camper with Julie's friends and we would take off to Salt Lake for the basketball state tournament; something that I continue to do today.  Mike and I love it!

This year was even more fun because Blaine's boy, Carter was playing in it. PVHS - you know, "The Only Way To Be!"  Oh yes!

 It was three days of BASKETBALL. Pine View kept on winning; no pressure really.
DI DIX XI XIE DIX XIE . . . DIXIE was the team to watch; all of their games were quite entertaining.  Their coach is even fun to watch; he loves the game, he loves the kids, he wants to win!  I was so impressed when I watched him in the huddle, his players had their arms around him as he gave them instructions. I like that; they believe in him.

Thursday, Dixie was playing Bear River it was a close game and within seconds, the score kept changing for each team.  With 3 seconds left, a timeout was called and Cuff sent up the play.  It worked and Dixie won the game.  As we watch them celebrate on the court, Mike asked, "Who is that lady down there with the boys, is she a trainer?"  I had to smile as I answered, "It's RJ's mother." A mother of one of the players, she had jumped the chairs and joined in on the celebration, jumping up and down. It was hilarious! That's her right there in my picture with the arrows pointing at her.  She loves sports too; and I knew just how she felt.  I would have wanted to be down there with my boy myself.

Dixie's Friday game was a barn burner with Desert Hills; four overtimes. Dixie wins; which set them up in the championship game against the Pine View Panthers.

Carter is such a good kid; he's not only an athlete, he's a smart athlete and was honored academic all-star at half time during the championship game.  Cumulative grade point average 3.999.  I know Mom and Dad are proud.
 The game ended with Pine View coming out the winners.
 Way to go Carter . . . can't wait to see that ring.
 In between games we had a lot of fun . . . Starbucks to see Keely Bugs . . .

 And then to the University to buy some clothing.

 We attended a dance recital to see Reese - she's a doll.

 And then to the mall . . . "I'll buy you one lipstick Keely that's all."
What is Mike smiling about as he reads his phone?  Pete wants to know if we have a family gym pass; he now wants to get buff and strong!

Our Costa Vida away from home is Cheesecake Factory.  Just look at these good treats. I judge a trip on the good food we get to eat.

Saturday night after the 3A basketball championship, Mike bought tickets to the University versus Arizona game.  The crowd was crazy!  "Let's Go U  TAH!"  It was sooo fun.

 What an experience Keely is getting being at the U.  Yes, I am now a Ute fan too.

It was a fun weekend. "Wouldn't you want to jam it if you could?"


is this?

I want to end my posts in February with this picture.  I will always treasure my time with my children; this was one of our landmarks. At the age of 19 when Keely came to visit, she mentioned this as we drove by again. So many memories.

Love Mountain, see if you can find it.

Friday, February 27, 2015


I've experienced them both and wished there wasn't such a thing as the former one.

Some dates I will never forget.  This is one of them. On the Wednesday, February 27th 1985 at 5:30ish pm, our mother died. She waited until her baby boy, Blaine got home from basketball practice, she wanted to tell him goodbye.

The sting of fear and death have been with my presences ever since.

This day was one of the loneliness, most sad days, I have ever experienced. I remember as the weeks went by, I thought for sure my mom was coming back. This couldn't be real. Death sure does a lot of weird things to people.

Mom didn't come back and I had to accept it. I never did get over it, I just had to learn to live with it; for it was now reality.  I HATE DEATH!  BIG LETTERS!  BIG ANGER!  HUGE!  Heartbroken . . . for sure.

This month, I started this text with Keely one night. I liked how it developed. I want to include it in my book.

This has so much meaning to me, and it feels soooo good when my heart has a bubble in it and is bursting with happiness!  Thank you Keely.  I love you.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


I've been spending more time with Keaton lately. He's quite a fun guy. I don't have too much longer with him; I feel sad about it, but I guess that's life.

And because his truck has been in the shop, he's been driving mine.

This morning as I sat at the computer, I could hear him coming as he pulled in the garage after his early morning weight training. The music sounded as if it was on FULL BLAST! Well of course it was, the music was Rap!

"Hey Mom, did you know you have subs in your car?"  No I didn't. "Nice cars like this always have a great sound system," Keaton added.  I would have never known; I don't turn my music up to that volume.

So as we are driving to the auto shop to pick up his truck today, Keaton plugs his music in the auxiliary jack and starts to sing. He knows all the words and really gets into it. I look over at him and I smile. You can tell he loves his music."I got my ole guitar and some fishin' poles, so baby fill that cooler full of something cold.  Don't ask and just pack and we will hit the road running Honey what do you say?  I got just enough money and just enough gas, so pick a place on the map we can get to fast where the white sandy beach meets water like glass, and if the tide carries us away . . . Baby we will roll with it.  Won't think about it too much. Baby lets just go with it, and get out of this ordinary everyday rut.  And if we get swept away by one of those perfect days, when the sun is sinkin' low at dusk and wind up a little deeper in love.  Baby, let's roll with it."  Oh Keaton is so cute!

I thought to myself, I wish I was taking Keaton to Salt Lake this weekend because I know we would be singing all the way.  I think Keaton would be a fun date.

My boy . . . he fills my life with so much magic and pride.  "Sing me another country song Keaton," as I join in with him.

Are you ready for a bowl of soup? Yep, Mom will you make me a homemade landyard for my whistle I need to go referee a game tonight?  Yes Keaton, I know how to tie a boy scout knot.

"We're now going bowling; it's late start tomorrow. Can I have some money Mom?Yes, wake me up when you get home.