Friday, October 9, 2015

Thursday, October 8, 2015


She tells me school is so hard, but she's still on board.  I love to see her in her lab coat; she's making aspirin tonight.  Really?  That's amazing Doctor.

Send me some . . . I feel a headache coming on.


   a bedtime story . . . Papa Bear . . . Baby Bears.

The text comes in; it's Keely Bugs, "Mom, I got an A on my French test." I'm proud of you Sis.

The phone rings . . . It's Keaton on the other end. "Guess what Mom, I hit a bomb!"  Keaton's first homerun off Daniel Schneemann. I'm proud of you Son.

Could someone be watching from up above - giving you a little extra help?  I hope so.

Sweet Dreams . . . remember . . . "Say your prayers." 

Keep up the good work kids.  I love you so much.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


 What was your favorite book?  Do you agree?

I pass the elementary school everyday when I'm doing my exercise.  I always smile when I see the children outside.  I'm tempted to walk through the fence and go play.  So many memories - mine and my children's.

I loved The Boxcar Children

I even know a father that loved an author so much he named his daughter after him - Olivia Dahl.  

Now that's special.

Monday, October 5, 2015


My daughter's at lunch with a vampire!

And look at the weird food that they are eating . . . waffles with chicken, egg whites and dark bloody syrup! Pigs in a Jelly Jar.

Dazzling Mikie had Keely bleach his hair last night.  He said if Justin Beiber can pull it off, he certainly can.  I'm laughing.

What about these vampire eyes?  Pretty and Gleam.
It was so fun talking to you today Keely.  I'm still smiling.