Sunday, May 29, 2016


Miller Park was packed tonight and people did not want to leave. Keaton said he signed about 100 autographs. There was a victory feeling in the park; no one wanted to leave. Everyone was in need of saying their last goodbyes until next year.

To some that didn't make it to the game tonight, Keaton had balls signed for them for us to deliver at home.

How sweet it is!

Saturday, May 28, 2016


Maddie's dad twirling his Mustache - Believer!
Cousin Mark and Family.  Look how cute.
Look at this Springer family all in red. What a treasure Mom and Dad! Each and everyone of you.
Ty and Little Brother.  Keaton's made so many new friends; old and young.
 Uncle Blaine and Natalie.
 Keely's roommates Emily and Ashley joining in.
 Colton Shaver's little cousin, she wanted a picture with Keaton . . . he's her 2nd favorite :)
Life is sooooo sweet when you have friends and family.  Thank you everyone for coming to Keaton's games.

Bishop Holman and the young men also showed up tonight. Kaye, Bishop, Bishop Poulsen, Richie Stubbs, Spencer Jensen were amongst them.  It sure is fun.

We have felt so much love and support this season.  People are so nice and we appreciate them.

Friday, May 27, 2016


ESPN, the television station was here tonight at Miller Park; our last home game of the season.  The park was packed!  They stopped letting people in because there wasn't even standing room left in the stadium.

After the win, and Coach Littlewood's remarks, the team turned to the audience and tipped their hat to the crowd; it was so cute. Oh, I love this team. I love this field. I love the coaches. I love the fans. I love my family and friends. It's been such a great year at BYU. Thank you, thank you . . . to all and especially our Father in Heaven. What a blessing it's been.
Yes, It's him!  Santa, Smiley, Special K, Team Mascot, Manager, Baby Doll . . . Keaton Kris Kringle . . . My Boy! I sure love him.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Since Mike and I are empty nesters now, instead of having our children with us, we load our bikes in the back of the truck. It's the next best thing; they keep us moving. Mike has the bikes all strapped in in the back of the truck; safety first; just like we took care of our children. Top priority for us.

We had some free time while we were in Salt Lake; just enough time for a bike ride. I'm always scared to ride on busy streets, so Mike found a safe road up in Chalk Canyon in Coalville.

The perfect place because Mike's ancestors were born and raised there. Mike had it all planned out.  We would ride up the canyon and then go visit his grandpa DW . . . in the cemetery.

It was such a beautiful day.  I was challenged to post 7 pictures of nature on Instagram, so I was enjoying myself riding through the country.  At the end of our ride, we hit the cemetery - now where to find DW?

Didn't take Mike long.  He found him up on the hill.

As we stopped to reminise about his grandpa dear, I sat and listened as Mike said, "Doug was the MacGyver of all Gyvers; Jimmy Rig.  He might not have done the most professional job, but it did the trick. DW taught me how to not flinch while shooting a gun by kicking me in the shines if I did.  He was a product of the depression. Whatever was in the fridge was in the stew. We didn't know if it was depression or alcoholism. He loved the grandkids; Oh! DW. When you saw the truck go down the street with the fishing poles hanging out and the duck taped windshields, all you could see in the front of the truck were teeth because Doug was always telling us a knock knock joke. Get it?"

I smiled as I sat there in the sun looking up at Mike telling me about his grandpa; he was all smiles.

Family time . . . such good memories being together.

And Happy 96 Birthday to Maxine in a few days.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


After the Utah game, Mike and I stayed in Salt Lake the rest of the week. From Tuesday to Saturday, we haven't been home for weeks.

It was so fun to hang out each day with Keely. Even though school is out, she still is very busy with her community and school service. I'm so proud of her.

Keely loves Salt Lake; she knows the grid back and forth. It's hard to believe she's been gone now for 2 years. I'm seeing so much growth in her.

Let me tell you about Keely and what I observed this weekend:

1.  She loves lipstick; the expensive kind.  She has beautiful skin and is a fashionista.
2.  She loves to have money and spends it quite casually, that why I had to put her on a budget.
3.  She now keeps track of her allowance and sometimes gets in the red. It's then that she feels bad to ask for an extension.
4.  She's learned many lessons in life about cruelty and lies. She avoids confrontation and doesn't want to put negativity back in the universe.
5. Keely loves everything French; French braids, the French language, Juicy Couture, French fries and I'm sure French kissing.
6.  She loves her brother. It's so fun to see because when they were younger, they were fighting.  Dad would sure be proud of their relationship today because he stated occasionally, "When are you two ever going to get along."
7.  Keely's helpful. She doesn't ever dare tell anyone, "No." She's a pleaser and that sometimes drives me crazy. I do not like people taking advantage of her.
8. She loves geography - she takes care of her world and loves to travel.
9. She's a baker and knows how to make delicious desserts, but not yet dinner:)
10.  She has an awesome memory; a qualification to be a doctor.
11.  She's a good listener and can give some outstanding advice.
12.  Keely loves company. She likes to entertain at her house. She decorates the place up and treats them well.
13. Keely doesn't see much dust, she's easy going when it comes to her car and bedroom.
14.  Keely's independent. Never once has she asked for my help with anything except money.
15. She's like her mama with holidays. Valentines and the 4th of July are her favorite.
16.  Can you hear the music?  Keely LOVES to go to concerts and listen to music; but I seldom hear her singing.
17.  Keely loves sweets. I found her once when she was a little girl, licking right out of the Karo Syrup. For breakfast she always picks French toast over scrambled eggs. She's definitely a sweet tooth and she will never turn down dessert.
18.  If Keely had one wish in life, I think it would be to find the cure for cancer. Next month she will be a volunteer at Cancer Camp for Kids. I so admire her for this.
19.  Keely believes in her Heavenly Father and trusts in prayers; she knows how to feel The Spirit.
20.  Keely is thoughtful. She remembers important people and she always leaves me a thank you note. Her words are always so special; I love this in her.
21.  Keely loves to laugh and I love to laugh with her.  She's MY GIRL.
22.  Keely reminds me a lot of my mother. My mother never lived on this earth with Keely and I love to believe she walked with her in Heaven. This gives me much comfort and faith.
23.  Keely gets her love for food from her mother. It's always so fun to go out to breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Here we are at the Lone Star - Keely's favorite restaurant in Salt Lake City.  We're going back here some day.  Salmon tacos - delicious!
24. Keely's fingernails are always painted, and maybe scratched off a bit in places.
25. Keely has a tender heart and can easily cry wondering about this life.

I love My Girl.  She's so brave. I'm so thankful Heavenly Father gave her to me to raise.

Monday, May 23, 2016


Smith Field in Salt Lake City is where the Bees play; the team affiliated with the Los Angeles Angels' minor league.  Here's my angel on the big scoreboard at Smith Ballpark. This field is also where the Utah University baseball team plays their home games.

Tonight, BYU is traveling here; our last non-conference game of the season. I told Keely to make sure she wears her Ute apparel; I wanted to take a picture of my 2 angels together. There's really no sibling rivalry here; these two get along really well together and Keely would put on a Cougar shirt any day for her brother.

I'm so proud of them and the decision they have made to gain an education at these two prestigious colleges. I love you Keely and Keaton.  Keep up the smiles and the good work.