Saturday, April 18, 2015


 And she's taller than ever with her high heels.  Mike teased that she was going to be taller than Keat.  "Let's measure."  Sigh of relief . . . Keaton's got her beat.
Oh she's cute . . . GORGEOUS I have to say!  

Knock, knock.  Who's there?  ORANGE.  ORANGE who?  ORANGE YOU GLAD SHE'S BACK . . . Yes, I am.  Who would think to do an orange boutineer?  MaKenna would because she knows that's Keaton's favorite color.  Oh, I like her.
 Too Beautiful.  Keaton's a lucky boy.
Be good to her son.
Junior Prom . . . FUN, FUN, FUN.



Where's My Girl?  What is Coachella?  A music and art festival where they dress up like gypsies and hippies.  I'm shaking my head.

More pictures and story coming later.

Friday, April 17, 2015

CANYON VIEW'S #1 . . .

Hand me the broom.  Yep, Canyon View got swept this week by Desert Hills . . . 2 games.  We are counting on you PVHS, the only way to be, to beat Dixie.  Call me and tell me it happened Uncle Blaine.

Keaton, Jaden, Alisha and I were standing in the kitchen tonight talking about the game.  We were so mad about our team losing again.  Out of the blue, here came in Jaxen, Alisha's 7 year old boy.  He over hears everything and says, "Canyon View's #1."  We all perk up our ears and then he continues, "On X-box."  Hahaha  Jaxen is soooo smart.

Jaxen loves baseball and has his own team on his X-box machine named Canyon View Falcons, so it was really funny when he repeated this knowing we are close to the cellar tonight with the Region 9 standings.  We will be lucky if we make it to state this year.  First time we haven't been there in years.

Go Falcons! Go PVHS!

Why does Keaton always have to get soooo dirty.  Hand me the broom and let me sweep you off before you come in the house boy. That's what our mom use to do; it's true.

Keaton even pitched today for I think 3 innings.  He did pretty good until he gave up a grandslam with 2 outs. He tried to call off the fast ball, but the pitching coach wouldn't let him.  That's what did it. That damn strike right down the tube.

"Mom, I'm not a pitcher, just look at my mechanics.  My glove's suppose to be tucked inside and I throw it out to the left," as he laughs.

That's my boy.  I'll claim him at shortstop, center field or pitcher.  Wherever you need him, he's ready to play ball.

Now I got to go do the laundry. Those clothes are so dirty.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


A man's best friend is either his dog or his horse; there's just something about these animals that people adore.  I have a horse, he's right here.

You ought to see him work.

He's papered and one of a kind. I would never sell him, he's too valuable!  He's mostly Clydesdale, you ought to see his be -hind.  Big, Strong and Tight!  Firm, I'd say.  And he keeps going and going and going until the work is through.  He's fun to look at too.
He's a quarter Thoroughbred, he's fast, long and lean. He's got sexy legs. There's no stopping him unless it's for a Coke break.
And My Mikey's got a lot of Paint in him, "Yes, Ma'am."

I love my horse in more ways than one.

Thank you for everything Big Man.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Sometimes I wish he would get MAD!

Uncle Blaine calls at 11:30 pm (doesn't he know we are sleeping) and wants to know what happened at Desert Hills; we were ahead and lost it. "Kim, we better not have to see the brooms out on Friday," he says. 

Yes, Keaton has a hole in his pants, but what you don't know is I have patched it several times with layers underneath.  You can't see his underwear yet.  And if I went and bought a new pair, they would have a hole in them immediately.

Keaton plays hard . . . with always a smile on his face.


 Beautiful . . . Red Two Lips . . . They are a favorite flower.
And then I get the same picture 24 hours later.  One tulip still STANDING TALL!  Go get'em girl. I'm blowing a kiss to you - catch it.

Fitting . . . it seems we always get a snow storm in April. Crazy weather.