Thursday, July 24, 2014


We've been working on a project in our garage for a week or two.  Since Keely is the only one home she got sucked into this job too; so we called it Family Home Evening.  After a few hour each night, Keely asked, "How did you guys get this job?"  Mike answered, "Showed up at church."
The church was in charge of the 24th of July.  That's the date we celebrate the pioneers coming to Utah. I remember singing the song, "Pioneer children sang as they walked and walked and walked."  They came to Utah from back east with covered wagon, handcarts and oxen.

Each stake center was asked to decorate a float with the theme, "How the Pioneer Legacy Continues in the Future."  We met with our committee of 3 wards to come up with our idea.  Each ward was going to be in charge of a time period 1800's, 1900's and the 2000's.  Mike and I, representing the Wagon Trail ward, got the 2000's.

When it was parade time, it was me that had to hitch the trailer on the TT.  Mike walked me through it, but I wished I would have actually done it instead of just watching and listening.  I'm a hands on learner!

Look at that, right on the ball, I backed it up myself and didn't have one person directing me. The rest was another story.

As I drove into town with the trailer on the truck 2 hours before the parade, I had to smile as chairs were already set out for the people; and then I saw blankets all laid out at Pizza Factory.  Yep, the best seats in town.

 "Hastening the Work" was the title of our floats.  The gospel started outside with just a speaker.
 In the 1900's, the gospel was televised in our homes with General Conference.
 And now in the 2000's, you can take the gospel with you anywhere on your cellular devices.
 The Polynesians were entertaining.  There were a whole herd of them.

Recalling the days when we took our little ones to the parade and sit right there on the curb of the old Pizza Factory.
 Mike and I were texting as the parade went by; he wanted to know how we did.  I was so excited when I saw this banner announcing our float 1st Place!

All good things eventually come to an end, and the parade is no exception.  The last scene at the parade is always the fire engines.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


I stayed up until 2 am doing Keaton's laundry. It needed to be already for this morning.

Thank goodness for Prison Break; it kept me going strong!  I'm on season 4 now and it's sooooo EXCITING!  I'm staying up all hours of the night watching it just to get my fix in life.
The show's cast of actors are so right on and without these two, something would really be missing.  T-Bag is such a scum, but he makes the show so much fun.  Bagley, you ought to see him hobble; it makes me laugh, and yes Mike, he's finally got some clothes on.

The actors are all so likeable eventhough they are cons --convicts.  This is one show I don't want to end.  It fills my life with so much energy and excitement.  Sidenote:  To Kandi, "Yes, good news!"

And then there's Lincoln and Michael, they intrigue me.  "Go get the company!"

The bus was late arriving in Cedar City this morning.  I dropped off my boy after 11.  He wants me to come to California because he hates riding on the bus.  He says he gets carsick and claustrophobic; oh, he knows how to work me.  Just like Bagley on Prison Break, Keaton's his mamma's boy.  I'll probably go to California just to get him.  I love my kids!

PS.  Notice the socks, he loves to be showy.  Thanks to Mary for buying them for him; she wants him to be drafted by the Baltimore Orioles.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


. . . and so is my boy - but only for the night.  He's been gone now for 2 months driving the Salt Lake City streets.  This was my biggest worry with him being gone.  Driving for the first time on those busy highways and intersections; I warned him about being T-boned.  Oh, if my children only knew how much I love them.

Every night I waited for that phone call to come.  It was after 11:30 pm sometimes. To hear his voice on the other end of the phone, I noticed first if it was a voice of happiness, "Hi Mom." That alone let me know right off that all was well.  "I made it back to the hotel." Then he would let me know that he had a bag full of food from Wendy's or McDonald's to enjoy for his midnight snack; and don't forget the stats.  "2 for 4, I'm on a streak!"

Oh, thank you Heavenly Father for his safety.

Now, tomorrow he's on the bus for the next 2 weeks - traveling to California. They will pick him up in Cedar City probably at the Loves gas station. 

I often think about this experience Keaton is having.  It surely is helping him grow and develop.  He says, "I'm really excited to be back home, but kind of not."  Oh, I love my boy; I don't get my feelings hurt when he says this because I'm so happy that he is loving life.

I want to say thank you to the Marshall Gates baseball foundation - what a gift this is; what an experience!

Good luck in California Keaton, "Show me that swing, and DON'T get picked off on any base. Stay stacked and square and slow down that load."  I am sooo proud of you Keater POP!

See you in California maybe next week.

Saturday, July 19, 2014


. . . it's Blaine; I'm ticked!  What is he thinking calling sooo early.

I'm heading to another ballgame. He wants pictures. Story later.

So I show up to the game at 9 AM, it's Pine View versus the powerhouse of Richfield; it's at the city field here in Cedar City in a weekend tournament.  I can't believe what I see as I approach the field . . . FINALLY Carter is in the line up. I keep telling Blaine, why do you coach if you only play your kid as a pitcher?  Blaine just doesn't get it. When you are the coach of your boy's team, you play your boy defense and offense ALL THE TIME!  Isn't that what you put all the time in for?  FOR YOUR BOY! TO MAKE HIM BETTER!  That's what I did.

 Oh my heck Natalie, Carter looks just like Ty!

What I liked best at the ballgame was when I heard Carter say, "Hi Aunt Kim."  He's not embarrassed to see an old lady hanging out in his dugout with a camera.

I couldn't help but to take a few pictures of my brother, Blaine.  I was so impressed with his coaching.  Pine View was down 6 to 1 and then I saw him in a huddle with his team.  The next inning . . . bang! bang! bang!

                              more stats on the sheet.  Pine View goes ahead in the sixth.

I listened in as I heard Blaine talk to the boys.  Wow, he really knows his stuff and knows how to make them believe in something. "You got to know how to feed these kids," he says

I then went over and told him way to go on the win.  I asked him what happened here in the sixth?  Blaine answers, "I reset them."  Oh, he makes me laugh, but did you notice the number that Blaine is wearing?  Twenty seven.  Yep, MVP, that's you Brother Blaine.

Sunday, July 13, 2014


We stayed another night in Provo, Utah, not because there was another ballgame on Sunday; but because we wanted to attend RJ Springer's homecoming.  RJ served in the Alaska mission.  Oh, those 2 years went by fast for me.  Every week Kristen, RJ's mom, would send me his letters; it's so fun to hear what these missionaries are doing.

I didn't know what route Mike was going to take from Provo, he told me, "Don't you worry, haven't I always gotten you to the destination?"  It took us about an hour and a half to get there; much better than 2+ from our home.

Delta, Utah is out in nowhere, but the people there, you just can't compare. We love them all. They are so good, I would love it if my children married one of them.  Church was held at 9am, and we not only got to listen to RJ, but his father, Gaylan too.  It was fun, entertaining and spiritual.  Thank you boys.

 Gaylan and Mike - childhood Salina friends.
Mike and RJ.  What do you think of Mike's goatee?  Mmmm, I like facial hair. We enjoyed lunch afterwards at the Springer's; tacos and all the fixins and delicious desserts too. Thank you Gaylan and Kristen.
Mission accomplished RJ - welcome home.

Saturday, July 12, 2014


Happy  . . . is this what it's all about?  Mike says so.

To celebrate the Marshalls winning the Cougar Classic Championship in Provo, Utah this evening, Mike had good food, his favorite, on the agenda.  It didn't take him long to find some students hanging out at Swigs by the BYU campus, so he pulled over and asked, "Where's the Sushi?"  The students knew right where to tell him, The Happy Sumo Sushi in the Riverwoods.  Oh, the kids were thrilled, but I didn't know if I dared try anything outside of Benji's in St. George.

When we arrived at the Riverwoods, there was a band playing in the grandstand, that's my favorite while roaming the streets.  I told the family, "You just go in, I'll sit here and listen."  Ten minutes later, Keaton comes out the door of the restaurant and says, "Mom, get in here."

Because the restaurant mainly served sushi and it was packed, I knew the fish would be fresh and I dared to try it.  We had so much fun sitting at the bar watching the cooks roll up the sushi rolls and talking. They told us just what to order; they knew the most popular: the Cosmopolitan, Rock Star, Fircracker, Mia, Mango and Wasatch.  They were pretty good!

When the bill came, surprisingly it wasn't too expensive, so it was fun to tip the cooks a 20.  "They deserve it,"  Keely comments.  She should know, it makes her so happy as a waitress when people tip her over 28 percent.

As we walked out the restaurant the band was still playing, so Mike and I sat down while Keaton went shopping with Keely.  Ice cream topped it off as we left the shopping plaza, but I wanted to linger and listen to the music as long as I could.  The band was still playing.

"Come on mom, you can still hear it out here in the parking lot."
 Why or why does Keaton have to keep wrestling Mike?  I know, it's his way of hugging!
Mike's still got him!  Can you see Mike laughing?

Happy?  Yep, it was a good weekend.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Keely traveled with us to Salt Lake to watch Keaton's ballgames for the weekend, and then she attended orientation at the University on Monday and Tuesday.  She didn't think it was necessary to invite me, but when she got there, she saw other parents there and she texted me to said she was lonely.  She attended classes for two days, got her class schedule and walked around the campus. She even had to spend the night there at the dorms, and she met a few friends.  Things are starting to look upward.

On Wednesday, she was scheduled to meet with her pre-med advisor and heard that it was going to be scary, so I told her, "I will go with you."

That morning at Keaton's ballgame; he was getting sick, headache, stomachache and dizzy.  I was really worried about him and asked Mike if he would take him to Instacare after the game.  Mike didn't want to mess with any health issues, so he said, "Let me take Keely to her appointment."

As I sat there at the game, I kept texting Mike the updates.  Around 2:00 pm, I didn't get any response back from Mike and wondered what was up.  Would he have happened to go into Keely's appointment with her?

As I sat there and thought about my two children; my mind turned to heaven and of Bill Kringlen.  Wouldn't he be proud of his two children.  I wish he could have raised them.

Then I thought of Mike, what a good dad he has been to Keely and Keaton. I know when he gets up there with Bill, Bill's going to wrap his arms around Mike in appreciation.  He will for sure have a new buddy--one of his best friends, I know that.

Thank you Mike for all you do, and Keely Bugs, good luck at the U.  I sure love you.