Friday, January 30, 2015


And I like it in return.  Thank you children.

I crave this exercise and can't believe how strong and stretched my body has become. It's amazing what I can do to tone it without even using weights.  Can you do the crow?  I can. It was so hard at first; impossible for me, but now you ought to see me.  It's so much fun. I'm STRONG!

I was telling Mike the other day when we were just finishing our 4 mile hike down the canyon trail how Yoga has helped me become more appreciative and more amazed with my body - with YOUR body, ANY body.  It truly is unbelievable!  There's got to be a God who created me?

How it stands so tall and strong and walks forward into the unknown.  We were just heading into a tunnel under the road to get back to our destination as we continued to talk about how fortunate we are to have our bodies. We take them for granted much too often.  How often do you thank Heavenly Father for who you are and what he has given you?  I know I do more now.

As I get older and see my skin wrinkling, I'm still amazed with me.  I know now that I want to take better care of my body because I want to live for so many more years. Please let me Heavenly Father.

I read my sister inlaw's blog every week and when I read it this week, my soul got tender as I read Natalie's words. Natalie and Blaine were celebrating their 21 wedding anniversary (Congratulations - THAT IS AN ACCOMPLISHMENT especially being married to a Milne! hahaha) at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Here's what she said . . .

Our final day of being there was Monday.  That morning I decided to go for a walk/jog along the rim.  It was again gorgeous.  Even though I was up over 7,000 feet I found myself energized by the coolness of the air and the majestic beauty.  Upon reaching my desired destination and turn around point I paused to look out over the vastness of the canyon and to say a silent prayer of gratitude for the beauties of the earth that the Lord has given us.  Surely this is one of his greatest masterpieces.  As I thanked our Heavenly Father for this masterpiece His voice clearly came into my mind and said, "No Natalie, you are my greatest masterpiece.  My children are my masterpiece.  This is something I created for you - for your enjoyment, and is one of the ways I show my love for you.  Please help all of my children understand that they are my masterpiece."  My heart soared!  Of course I knew this was true, and as I ran back down the trail to the lodge I noticed the different people, particularly families as the looked out over the canyon in awe.  I thought to myself, "do they really know who they are?  Do they realize that they are the Lord's greatest masterpiece?"  From that moment on I have determined to try and view everyone I meet as the Lord's greatest masterpiece.  What reverence and respect that elicits.

Your words are beautiful Natalie. Look how Heavenly Father painted you and you and you and me. Isn't He creative; we are all so different and yet so unique. Let's give him praise and everyone else as well.

Am I going to see you at Yoga?  I hope so. Namaste Day.

Here's my note I woke up to this morning.  Oh, Keaton, he loves these things.  "I won't forget. They will be in the fridge today."  I love this boy.

Thursday, January 29, 2015


 . . .to be a doctor and with all the volunteer hours she is putting in, she is going to be very competitive.  I'm so proud of U Keely.  I'm going to make all your dreams come true.  I will NOT let you quit!

I told Keely medicine is a very hard field.  I wasn't trying to discourage her; I just wanted her to know what she was up against.  She told me, "Mom, don't you dare let me quit!"  So I made her sign a contract that she gave me permission to lay the law down if she ever thinks about it.

I don't want U to be MAD at me, so keep the drive going girl because U know I'm a stickler and I heed to those contracts.

 You sure are getting an ADVENTURE living in Salt Lake.

I love U. Big ORANGE Heart to U!


Remember them?  They make you poop!  They are just as good as Metamucil; but better.  Mike takes them to work, we send them with Keely to Salt Lake, Keaton comes home for lunch and enjoys them and I have them for dessert.  They are good!  I haven't made them for awhile. I'd forgotten about them, and everyone is so glad that they are back in the kitchen.

Recipe coming later.  I know my posterity will need them. Yum!

"Send me some more Mom," Keely tells me today.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


My sister Glenda called this morning.  Her high school friend and still to this day friend got the news.  It was what they were expecting, but had such hope for a better future. The disease has now spread to other parts of the body.

"I've been so sad the last couple of days; what can I do?" my sister asked me.

Brenda, another lady came into Pizza Factory last week. "Kim, where have you been?  I've been trying to get a hold of you. My daughter's husband is dying; she won't let anyone in, what can I do?"

Really?  What I went through is going to help somebody?  They want me to tell them what to do?

I don't even know if I did it right myself back then.

I sat Brenda down in a booth and told her exactly what to do to help her daughter and sent her out the restaurant with a handful of gift certificates.  "You tell your daughter to stop by here when her family needs a meal."  "Let her take care of her husband, this is the greatest love between a husband and wife; to take care of them when they are soo sick and about ready to die. She knows what she's doing."

She gave me a hug with a thank you and said, "I will keep in touch."

The advice I gave my sister was a little bit different this morning.  "Every week on Tuesday, Jeff Gayson would leave a loaf of banana bread on the doorstep.  He didn't ring the bell, or knock on the door, it was just quietly placed with love on our front door.  Every week, on Tuesday; the same thing; a loaf of banana bread.  It meant sooo much and it was sooo good!

It still touches my heart after all these years.

"That's just what I'll do. Thank you Kim," my sister Glenda Gai said.

And the love still continues today with My Girl.

This picture doesn't have anything to do with this story, but I love to include anything in my book about Keely's life as she's away from me.  But it kind of does . . .

Keely's roommate in Salt Lake City is Emily; she's Jeff Gayson's daughter.  Did our families have a connection in Heaven?  I don't know . . . but the Gayson's are still blessing the Kringlen's lives and I want to say Thank You.  Thank you Emma for being such a good friend.

Thank you Emily, thank you Keely, thank you Glenda, thank you Brenda, thank you Mike, thank you Heavenly Father.  I love you!

Monday, January 26, 2015

ROUND 3 (Family Fight Night)

Yes, they have been wrestling all night.  I've told you before this is how boys hug and show their love, by wrapping their arms and legs around each other and fighting.  It didn't help that a documentary of Mike Tyson was on the television; that got their testosterone going.

Mike knew that this time would come . . . when he was no longer able to beat the boys in wrestling. 
 Tonight, Mike wanted to try one more time with Keaton on the bottom this round.  "Blow the whistle mom."

 "Look, he can't even move me," Keaton states.  Well who could? 196 lbs of heavy steel- dead weight!
 Mike's trying.  Can you see him winching his teeth? Keaton's calm as a cucumber.
 Mike tried one of his moves to get away.  "Don't you hurt him Keaton." I screamed.
 But it turned out a PIN . . . AGAIN!
Yes, it's now time to give up Babe.


Sunday, January 25, 2015


 . . . Keely says.

It was a wonderful weekend.  Keely came down for just one night, but we got so much accomplished and even had time for a few chit chat sessions.  She's so happy and so grateful and I am so thankful. As I held her in my arms right before she was leaving, she cried, "It's hard for me to leave you."  I think she's so pretty; there was something about her this weekend that reminded me more and more of the Adams in her.  I kept admiring her until I finally figured it out; it was the way she was holding her mouth.  It reminded me so much of my cousin, Michelle.

More of the story coming later.

Saturday, January 24, 2015


What's yours?

Everytime I go to St. George with Mike to do certain things, it reminds me of Glen.  The yard at our St. George home is looking pretty dull.  It hasn't had any love for quite some time now.  The past two weekends Mike and I have been down there making some improvements on the property.  Last week was the inside and this week was the outside.  As I watched Mike working so hard, I told him, "Do you know you're attractive?"  I love a man that takes pride in his land.

The weather last year in St. George was a record COLD and it killed a lot of palm trees in the area.  We lost 5.  2 big ones and 3 little one.  There's one still standing; and we decided it too should go. Palm trees are quite messy.

Mike and I got up early Saturday morning; I didn't get to make Keaton's birthday pancakes because he was still sleeping.  You know how these teenagers stay out all night and sleep in all day.  I'll make it up to him.

We took off for St. George in the truck with the back filled with work equipment.  The chain saw, the small saw, ropes, shovels, rakes, battery chargers and gasoline.  We had  plans for a full day --- of YARD WORK!

Hours into the job, Mike got pretty nervous when I took a break.  The neighbor to the east walked over, he wanted to meet us.  Von Moody was his name; Gaylan, do you know him?  He's from Delta and he says he knows you.  We got into a discussion of the Saints.  That's not what made Mike nervous, it was because I was taking time out and Mike knew WE had to keep busy.  The Washington Landfill, the dump, as I call it closed at 3:30 PM.

The back of the truck was loaded clear to the top, it probably could have been better if a certain person knew how to load it.  Yep, Mike was popping off!  It looked just fine to me and boy was I so proud of all my efforts that day.  We both had worked pretty hard.

Mike and I took off to the dump on the back road.  All the way over, the memories flowed.  The back road to the dump was our Easter picnic area.  Glen would haul us all up there above Washington in the red sand.  The Lion Head, it was called back then. Then I told Mike about all the times I went to the dump with my dad.  I would love to scavenger around as my dad unloaded his junk.  One day I found a little green bike.  It was like a monkey bike I recalled.  Being the handy man that my dad was, he loaded it up in the back of his truck and took it home.  I was soooo thrilled when he fixed it up for me.  All it needed was a little grease and a new seat.

"Glen Milne took the best of care of his yard," I went on to tell Mike.  He kept everything so "nice and tidy."  He had his irrigation ditches just so; and he would shovel a little opening every so often so the water would run right where he wanted it to go.  My dad loved his property and kept it up so neat. There were NO WEEDS! The kids now days don't know anything about it.  Mike agreed and then commented, "It was his PRIDE AND JOY!"

Oh my, who said that?  Was it my mom or my dad.  I loved that statement; and Mike helped me recall it.

PRIDE AND JOY . . . there's so many, and when the yard work got all finished after a couple trips to the dump, Keely and Keaton met us in St. George for a birthday celebration.

This is MY PRIDE AND JOY! Mike is too, he's on the other end of the camera, and there are many more.

Happy Birthday King Kring. You're so pretty Keely.  The hat is certainly U!

Mike I love you.  Thank you.