Thursday, May 21, 2015


 Oh Keaton . . . cute idea.

 Our boys.

It's hard to believe my kids are adults.

You're gonna miss this . . . you're gonna want this back . . . you're gonna wish these days, didn't go by soooo fast.  These were some good times.  For sure.  Oh, I love you.

 Look at this . . . My heart is warm.


Keaton Kringlen - What an honor.

I got the call from teacher Suzy Hodson on Monday.  "Kim, Keaton is boy of the year, but don't tell anybody."

My heart melted.  How can a mother not be so proud.

This afternoon at graduation, the 5 candidates were introduced and then this was read.


18 years ago a big bouncing 8 pound 10 ounce baby came to the world.  His parents were sooo excited their family unit was completed with a girl and a boy.

Keaton Kringlen was all boy from day one.  There was no way he was going to take a binkie – that was for sissies.  He walked at 10 months old and his first very first word was . . . “ball.”

Keaton’s a natural born athlete and loves all kinds of sports  . . . football, baseball, basketball and golf.  He’s now added volleyball, pickle ball and ping pong.
Keaton’s an athlete, but he also loves to sing.  He sways with the music, he feels the beat.  He has a song in mind all the time and knows every single word.  If he’s not singing, he’s whistling.

You might know Keaton as Keater, Keater Pop, Big Guy, Wide Guy, Master of Disaster . . . “Don’t spill the milk!” or as Smiley – this kid is always happy and will brighten your day.

He’s fun to hug too because his body is so wide.  More to love.

Keaton has always tried to be a good boy.  He wants to excel in school, in sports and in life.
Keaton lost his dad, his best buddie when he was 5 years old, however, he didn’t let that hinder his life.  He was going to make his dad proud and strive to do what was right.

Keaton has excelled in sports and has learned the importance of hard work.  He’s dedicated, responsible and loves the victories, but he’s also a good sport and he is the first one to shake your hand in defeat.

Keaton doesn’t take life for granted.  He knows the importance of gratitude and good manners.  Mrs. Duncan at Canyon View stated, “In all my years of teaching school, no one told me thank you until I taught Keaton Kringlen.  When Keaton left my class each day, he would turn to me and say, thank you Mrs. Duncan.  Keaton started a trend and now many students do this today.”

You wouldn’t think this big strong boy has a tender heart, but he does.  He cares about people; young and old. He cares that they are happy, taken care of and well.

Keaton loves his family.  There hasn’t been a night go by that he hasn’t’ come to his parents room to tell them good night and I love you.  He’s concerned and takes care of his mother.

Keaton prefers being a play boy over a working boy.  Life is to be enjoyed.  Keaton attracts all kinds of people, mostly young kids that simply want to play; but isn’t playing a child’s work?

Many times throughout the week, you will find Keaton on the front lawn of a little 7 years old playing wiffle ball.  When Keaton gets the phone call, “Keaton will you come up to my house and play with me,” Keaton answers, “How can you turn that down?”  Keaton will play with Little Man for hours.  Keaton’s still a kid himself.

One day Keaton came home from school and told his mother, “I know what I want to be when I grow up.”  His mom was surprised because she always thought he wanted to be a dentist.  “What?” she asked.  Keaton answered, “A special needs teacher, these kids make me soooo happy.”

Keaton’s been a peer tutor in this class for 5 years.  He loves each one of them and rumor is . . . that THEY love him.   Keaton draws people to him; he’s special.

Keaton will go out of his way to be friend the less fortunate.  He loves to be a friend to the special needs or handicapped and even the homeless.

Keaton enjoys doing community service; he’s been called on many times to help out with his gifts and talents.  He always brings that fun loving personality and that big grin with him.

Keaton believes in a Heavenly Father and strives to live the commandments.  He has learned many lessons in life that when telling the truth, it’s so much easier. “Don’t mess up tomorrow, tell the truth today.”  Keaton strives to be an honest boy
Even though Keaton’s an athlete, he’s been CVHS’ loudest cheerleader.  You could find him in the crowd right there on the front row helping the cheerleaders out.  Keaton loves Canyon View High School.

As the school year has come down to the end, Keaton’s mom asked him, “Who has been your favorite teacher?”  Keaton didn’t hesitate a bit when he answered  . . . “All of them.”

Keaton knows the importance of setting goals.  He is motivated to fulfill his dreams and ambitions.
Keaton has worked hard and excelled in sports and has been offered a scholarship to play baseball at Brigham Young University, but he will always take with him what you the parents, students, teachers, administrators and faculty staff have given him – your love and your kindness.  He and his family appreciate you.

Keaton and his family are honored to receive this award, but know each one of you is just as important.  You have influenced Keaton’s life and made him a better person with YOUR goodness.  Thank you Canyon View. 

I'm smiling and my heart is so humble.  I love my boy. Thank you Canyon View High School.


I got up early today and did my walking; I'll go to step and weights class here shortly and then get preparing for Keaton's party and graduation.

I don't know if I'm ready for this to happen.  A new beginning. I'm trying not to be depressed - THIS is a hard thing for me.

Keaton's happy though and ready; that's what counts. Congratulations Son.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


 I'm going to miss this school.  They have been good to our children.

Academic Letter, Academic Scholarship to SUU, Athletic Scholarship to BYU and Student Athlete of the Year 2015.   I have a good boy that I love soooo much.  


Monday, May 18, 2015


I love this Elder Dallin Milne; it gives me confidence!

I know every mother that has a son/daughter out on an LDS mission waits for Mondays.  That's the day missionaries get to email or write home.  It's the best day of the week for Missionary Mothers . . . don't we just love our sons and daughters.

Today I even got an email . . . thank you Dallin.

Aunt Kim I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to send me that card.  It really did mean a lot.  Keaton sure is a stud too haha way to go Aunt Kim.  Thanks for being there for my dad as well and staying close with my family.  I pray that Heavenly Father keeps being good to you guys.  He knows what He is doing.  Keep relying on His plan and everything will work out for the best.  I know that is true.

All my love from Sweden

You know I've always had a connection with Heavenly Father.  I love Him.  I believe in Him.  I love His work.  I love His family unit that is the most important thing on this earth . . . and in heaven. It cannot be destroyed or all will fail.  I know that!

I'm not too sure about this free agency thing, however.  Oh, these mistakes that are made . . . hurt. Mike says, "It's the only way we really learn for ourselves."  I know that to be true; I just wish we didn't have to make them and all would be well.

Did I ever tell you about "That Bright Light?"  I've been with two people that were getting close to leaving this world.  They both talked about "the bright light."  One said, "I keep seeing a bright light out of the dark tunnel."  The other one kept asking, "What is that bright light?"  I couldn't answer because I couldn't see it.

Oh Heavenly Father . . . take care of this world and our families.  We love them sooo.

Saturday, May 16, 2015


"Feel the beat, start down low, bring it up and break loose!"  It's sooo fun to dance.  You ought to see Mike . . . he will get you smilin'.

This is pretty Bella; look at her. I attended Diamond Reflections Spring Showcase tonight to take pictures for Kandi. They turned out pretty good, look at that detail and sparkle.  Oh, I love my camera, Glen.  He's worth every penny - look what I get from him.

It was wonderful and lots of talent. The music was so fun and I heard some of my favorites - Treasure and Sugar and even some old timers like Grease, Boogie Shoes, I Will Always Love You and Carole King - I Feel the Earth Move under my feet I feel the sky tumbling down, tumbling down.  I feel my heart start to trembling whenever you're around.  Carole King's Tapestry was my very first cassette tape I bought.  I was probably 10 years old; 5th grade.  Music has such an affect on me. Oh the memories.

I want to attend again Kandi - Don't forget to invite me.