Thursday, June 30, 2016


Oh! What FUN!

Last night, Allison picked Mike and I up and drove to Yankee Meadows for Dan and Megan's family campout.  I finally got to sit by the campfire and feel that warmth that I've been wanting to for years. It felt so good.

It felt so good to be with Megan and Allison and their families once again. What a great posterity.  They are all living their lives trying their best. I was impressed. Megan and Dan had the party planned with activities each day. Look at the cute flower crowns, the carving of oranges to make brownies in, art projects on the trees and fishing and swimming at the lake.

I watched Allison walk over to her daughter, Libby and hold hands as they walked around the campsite. I thought of how I like to do that with Keely; even at this age. I could sense the love held there.

We talked of Megan reminding us of my mom; Michelle, their sister, as Aunt Reba, and Allison, our Grandma Myrtle. How did they get all the good genes in one family.

We had hamburgers and hotdogs with all the trimmings, potatoes salad, chips and baked beans - TOOT! TOOT! I heard a few. Allison brought strawberries and whip cream and I brought the rum cake; it was quite the treat.

The rain came down for a little bit as we stood under the canopy and laughed. It felt so good to be in the woods once again.

Dan and Megan have four kids and 10 grandkids. I smiled as I became acquainted with each one of them.

I couldn't help but tell them how special they are before I left. The Adams family is my posterity and Megan enriched my life as a young child and teenager and she still is enhancing it as an adult. Thank you Megan.

Allison, Mike and I got to leave without cleaning up the mess; Allison was missing her husband, Mark and wanted to get home fast.

Everyone was happy with the closing song, "Hi, my name is Joe; I have a wife and 3 kids and I work at a button factory. One day, my boss came to me and said, "Joe, are you busy?" I said, "No," He said, "Push that button with your . . . "

It was cute as I left after giving them hugs when Kelsie said, "I'm glad you came."

I was smiling as I drove down the road.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


She loves sugar, but is learning to enjoy vegetables at Catalina's.


Here comes Mike to give me a kiss beFORE he goes golfing. I like his style.

Have fun on the course Babe. I'm cheering you on.

You sure look good in that Lululemon blue shirt. We need to buy you another one.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


I love her.


A day in my life doesn't go by that I don't at least get two prayers in daily. I'm constantly in prayer, sometimes falling to my knees in gratitude to my Heavenly Father.

Or when the lights go off at night and I'm lying there wide awake; He's always someone I can talk to.

"I wish I could just sit down and talk with you awhile; just one time. Please let me see. I need some understanding."

I haven't seen Him yet and I guess I should be grateful because I want to live on this earth FOREVER!

But sometimes I really wonder what the Big Man is up to. Is he creating something new for us or is he making sure our lives go as He would like them to.

Most the time, I want to give Heavenly Father a big hug; let him know of my appreciation and then take his hand and walk with Him awhile. I continually need some knowledge and help on what I should do down here on this big earthly planet.

I always ask Him to watch over us, guide us and give us directions. "Please keep Your Spirit with my children. Keep them safe. Help them to make good choices and be happy. Please keep them healthy too."

I wish heaven had visiting hours. Sometimes I just need my mom and dad or talk to Bill about the kids. Reminisce with Grandma and Grandpa Milne and have some pigs. I would love to get to know my other Grandma Myrtle the turtle; I've heard she is a fantastic woman. I would like to see how heaven has been for Becky Bayles; I've often thought about her through the years. Uncle Blaine, Brant, Ray, Clyde, Jake, Aunt Lily, Annie and Grace, "How are you?" I miss these people.

There's also some people I know of, but I've never met down here on earth. I'd like to get to know them as well.

Wouldn't it be nice if heaven had visiting hours?

I couldn't get through this life without the faith and my connection with my Heavenly Father. I need Him daily.

I will always say my prayers. "I love you Heavenly Father. Even though I can't see you, I sure believe in you. I feel Your Spirit."

Thank you.

Monday, June 27, 2016


Across the pond. While I'm sleeping, Keely's texting me that she's off to school. Bonne chance fille.


Oh Blaine . . . talk about living in the past . . . this is truly it.  One day Blaine and I got so mad at each other.  I called him a name and he called me this.  It's now stuck with endearment.

Keely was teaching me how to do Snapchat the other day on the couch. We were having so much fun; I have to journal it.

I wonder if Blaine knows how to put this on his phone to alert him when I call.