Saturday, July 23, 2016


Just like he was when he was a little boy. He's smiling and we are too.

PRESS RELEASE: Article/Picture Chico Heat and the Great West League

The inaugural Great West League All-Star teams have been announced. The North Team (Portland, Medford and Chico) will meet the South Team (Marysville, Sacramento and Lodi) at Harry and David Field in Medford on Tuesday, July 26.

The Chico Heat are excited to announce that 9 Heat players have been named to the North Team of the Great West League All-Star Game. Stuart Bradley, Ryan Byrd, Adam Davenport, Luke Soroko, Clayton Hubbard*, Cameron Olson, Daniel Schneemann, Josh Falco, and Keaton Kringlen will participate in the All-Star Game at Harry and David Field in Medford Oregon at 7:05pm on July 26.

Keaton Kringlen, Matt Hardy and Cameron Olsen are leading the league in home runs and will be participating in the Monday night home run derby at the field.

In its first season, the Great West League has players from Cal State Fullerton, Tennessee, Oregon, San Diego State, BYU, UCLA, Tulane, Long Beach State, Hawaii, Houston, Arizona, UC Santa Barbara, Georgetown, UC Riverside, Washington, Dartmouth, Loyola Marymount, Texas Tech, New Mexico, and San Jose State among other schools.

My Boy . . . I love him.

Thursday, July 21, 2016


Every morning when I wake up, Keely is my first thought. I scan 8 hours forward and know that on the other side of the world, it's the afternoon for My Girl. I hurry and text, "What's up my dear?"

It's kind of a weird thought that she's ahead of me and she's already "Squeezed" most of the day when I'm just barely getting started.

SQUEEZE?  Here's one for you too; a BIG ONE -  I love you.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Happy Hippies - Peace and Love


Impact the world. You know how.

Sometimes it's hard to see all the good in the world with what the devil is up to . . . it's harder to see these days, but it can be found, and we can contribute to it. 

I've seen some things lately that continues to saddens my heart; the devil is really knowing what to do to destroy this world. 

"Why? Oh, why is He allowing it?"

In church the other week, we stood and boldly sang, "Glory! Glory! Hallelujah! Glory! Glory! Hallelujah! Glory! Glory! Hallelujah . . . and as I got cold chills, we finished with . . . Our God is marching on."

It was so powerful and stirred my soul. As bad as this world is, I feel this must be His plan and He is in control!

Character, Choices and Commitment.  Be the good this world is in need of.

Pick your side. Do what's right.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Annecy is an alpine town in southeastern France, where the River Thiou meets Lac d'Annecy. It's know for its Vieilli Ville (old town), with cobbled streets, winding canals, and pastel colored houses.

It was a train ride to a beautiful place to spend the day.

Look at the beautiful memorial set up for the people injured and killed in Nice here in Annecy. Keely took this picture.

Solemn and sacred.

Heavenly Father please bless this world.

Sunday, July 17, 2016


That's what Crowther says; he's usually Mike's fishing partner, but not this weekend, I had to fill in.

In order for Mike and Crowther to qualify to fish in the final series, they have to have fished in so many tournaments, so this weekend was a must for them. For some reason, Crowther couldn't make it which I thought was odd because Crowther is the biggest fisherman of all. He's addicted to this sport, or would you call it more like . . . a hobby . . . that a lot of money is spent on.

Check in for registration was 6 pm at Sand Hollow $240.00 entry fee. Ya, when I asked Mike, he hem hawed. He didn't want to tell me the cost.

We got out on the lake close to 7 pm, we were boat #8. Mike loves to go to the dam; he thinks that's where all the fish are, and that's where I caught the first fish right off.  I was kind of sad when Mike took the hook out and didn't even weigh it before throwing it back in. "What good am I going to be?" I thought.

Eventually, we went to a different location and hook, line and sinker . . . Mike reeled in #1 . . . 5.45 pounder!

First weigh in BIG FISH at 9:30 pm.

It was pitch dark the second go around as I tried to fish while listening to Keaton's game on the radio. I kind of gave up on fishing; I couldn't seem to pay attention to it all. I was getting tired . . . the wind had come up and the boat was rocking; putting me to sleep or getting me car sick I think.

It was 1:30 am when I woke up for some reason. Mike was struggling trying to keep everything from sinking. I'm sure he was wishing, "I need a better fishing partner, dang you Crowther."

I couldn't wait until the alarm went off. Final weigh in was at 3 am. Can you believe fishermen are so crazy?

Mike and I took 5th place (13.18 total weight) and won $165.00. Not enough to break even, but got Mike and Crowther another tournament on the record. And guess what? I contributed. I got the biggest fish for us on the second go around - 3.60. Mike thinks I'm going again, but I don't think so.

That's too late for a spunky old lady who needs to be in bed.