Sunday, October 19, 2014

Friday, October 17, 2014


Keaton had his official visit at BYU this weekend.
 Along with 7 other boys.  Daniel, Clay, Easton, Brian, Alex, Keaton, Jackson and Zack.

 Keaton's happy.
 Momma's happy.
 Everyone's happy.
The two days were filled with activities. Tour of the campus and baseball facility, scout day at Miller Park, Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Activities with Student Hosts (fun, fun, FUN!) the Big Homecoming Football Game, and back to the hotel.
 There was an excitement in the air this weekend.
I'm sure proud of my kids.  Thank you Heavenly Father.

BLAST OFF! 120 Boats

Mike's in a big fishing tournament today. Good luck boys.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you and Crowther.

Update:  On Sunday, Mike and Crowther were heading home as well as Keaton and me. We were coming from Provo, Utah and Mike was coming from Clearlake, California. We were racing! Each excited to get home. On the way, Mike and Keaton were texting while I was driving. 

Here's the good news . . .

60 out of 120 boats and $2,760.00. Not bad. So glad you enjoyed your week of fishing.

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Just after 10:30 pm last night, I heard Heidi. Her honk that let me know Keely just arrived. "That noise to let you know the car is locked is LOUD! I could hear it clear up in my bedroom."

My girl's home for the weekend. I am smiling.

It was such a good night sleep knowing my children were home under my roof - no worries, just peace and relief. "Safe and sound."

Now I'm off to exercise, work and an afternoon with my daughter in St.George to have some sushi . . . and a few other things!

Hope your day is awesome too.

Here we are on our way to St. George.
 First to shop and spend some money.
Then to the car lot.  Keely needed the oil changed on Heidi. As we were sitting in the lobby, Keely suggested we get Iphone 6's for Christmas.  Sitting over in the corner, Keaton replied, "We ARE getting Iphones for Christmas."  I started laughing.  "What do you know Keaton?"  I didn't realize Keaton is so bossy.
The more things change, the more things stay the same. Keely and Keaton are still fighting to this day.  (I remember Bill saying, "When are you two ever going to stop fighting?) I was in the back seat while the kids were in the front. Keaton and Keely were trying to discuss something when Keely got mad at Keaton for his way of thinking. Keely has more of an intellectual mind, me and Keaton's practical.  I had to laugh when Keely said, "You and mom's mind are just a like!"  "Give me five,"  I replied.

Then off to Benji's for sushi. Once again, Keaton dictates, "We are getting 1 Momma Mia and 2 Virgin Rivers."  Wow, he is bossy!  Keely was so mad, but let him have his way.
Look what my girl brought me.  A flower arrangement with snakes! Halloween always was her favorite holiday.  Our time together was short because of all the activities we are involved in, but it was sure fun to see Keely Bugs.  I am so proud of her and what she is accomplishing.

See you in a few weeks on your birthday.  Love you girl.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Billy Joel versus Elton John on the piano. Who is your choice?  "Sing me a song Piano Man."

Entertainment coming later.

Monday, October 13, 2014


I have to tell you about Braxton. He makes me feel so important.

I was in bed tonight talking to Mike when my phone buzzed; I had a message.

I hadn't heard from Braxton for sometime so I was surprised when I opened up his text and seen this.

Even the young kids read my crazy things and get something out of them. hahaha

I'm smiling Braxton. Thank you, thank you. 


I love to get that phone call Monday, Wednesday and Fridays at 10:30 am right after Math class from Keely.  "What score did you get on your test?"  Keely's doing great with her school work. She's also enjoying her sorority. "Mom, everyone loves our sorority best. We get invited to everything even the frat parties."

This week, Keely got her BIG.  It's her family, her big sis.
This is my twin, Rachel, and then my BIG sister, Aimee (above me), and my grand BIG Kelsey above her.  "See how they are making a halo?"
 My twin, Rachel.
 Our BIG, Aimee
 Our CPFamily - Angels and Arrows our theme.
Look at all the gifts I got at our reveal.

Talking about angels . . .

 "She's waving at the camera."
"My service was so fun this week. My heart was full. We met and played with children of poverty. Mom, I'm going to send you some pictures. They are soooo cute and they thought I was so pretty. We even got fed breakfast."

Eden Utah.  I had heard about that from Lisa Bearnson's blog this summer. "Mike, where is Eden, Utah?"  "I don't know," he answers. Keely's sorority got invited to a party Saturday evening hosted by the frat boys in Eden. It's beautiful!

Because it was chilly, Keely didn't get to see much of Eden. The boys kept them inside in the resort and made and fed them chili; then off to the hot tub, - oh, those boys!

"It was a good week Mom. Thank you for everything."

I'm so proud of this girl. I think she's brave. I know she's smart. Can't wait to see you in a few days.

Love you so much Keely.