Thursday, October 23, 2014


Keaton is friends with Jaden Black and Jaden's mom, Alisha, is my friend also. A couple of weeks ago Alisha took Keaton with her family to St. George for the day. One thing that was on Alisha's agenda was to stop by her cousin Camille's house to visit them.

Alisha was visiting with Camila inside while Keaton and Jaden were outside playing with the kids. As the mother looked out the window, she noticed Keaton jumping on the trampoline and giving a lot of attention to her children. (That's how Keaton is. He is so good with kids and adults too.) Camille asked Alisha, "Who is that kid?"

Alisha went on to tell her, "That's Keaton Kringlen. He plays baseball with Jaden at Canyon View and he is going to BYU to play baseball.  His dad died when he was 5 years old."

What you need to know is that this mother, Camille, lost her husband a few months ago in an airplane crash. He left his family, his wife and 4 kids. He was an anesthesiologist. They are devastated and wondering if they will EVER get over it.

When all the kids gathered in the house to tell Alisha and the rest of them goodbye, the mother said, "Landon, did you know Keaton's dad died?"

Landon didn't know that and his mother went on to tell Keaton's story.

The next morning Alisha got a phone call from Camille. Camille told Alisha, "Last night was the first night that Landon's gone to bed with a smile since his dad's died."

Alisha went on to tell me that Landon's hopes and dreams had been crushed with the loss of his dad, but after seeing and being with Keaton, he has hope that he too will get to play baseball in college one day.

Today I was directed to another story of a young boy who lost his dad of a heart attack. The little boy, Travis Hamonic, was only 10 years old at that time. After the father's death, his mother sold the farm and moved away to Winnipeg. The boy then got involved with hockey and became really good; going to college and drafted to the pros.

The video ends with him helping other children that have an unfortunate bond with him. They have also lost a parent. He invites them to his hockey games and entertains them afterwards. They are sooo happy being with this professional.

But the one thing that brought tears to my eyes and made my heart so weak was when he said, "I would trade in every game I have played and will play in the NHL for just one time for my dad to be able to watch me and for me to be able to talk to him after the game about it."

I can't quit crying.  I've been crying all day.

I'll end now with how much I love my family. I wish life could be blissful!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


I went to work today. I was the host and reg, but because we were so busy, I had to help out the waitresses.  As I was at the food warmer counter, I looked around - every table and booth were taken.  My heart was warm and I thought, "Thank you Heavenly Father."  I looked at Chris across the counter and said, "This is a blessing."  He nodded, "Yes."

Our customers are so good to us.  Thank you so much.


I've got to remember this.  Be back later.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


The saying you might hear shouted by a six year old on the school play ground . . . "It's none of your beeswax!"  I'm laughing as Mike sends his texts.
He makes me laugh with all his emojis. He's always using them.

Monday, October 20, 2014


This is Mike's excuse always when he goes hunting.  I think it's nonsense how these boys think they have to get together for some bonding.  Mike's reply, "I am going hunting to provide for the family."

I guess it's true. We had Elk Au Jus sandwiches for dinner tonight. Thanks to Mike's hunting trip this year; and of course, Keaton's kill.

Surprisingly, it was pretty darn good.

P.S. Keaton that mustache has got to go, we are all laughing. Keaton's answer, "It's funny isn't it."

Sunday, October 19, 2014


I want to tell you about Mike's dad. Story coming later.

Mike's dad is getting old and is not doing well, so his family has moved him to Cedar City to be closer to them.  It's sad seeing our loved ones go through this.  We now become the parents and they our children as we now take care of them.

As I stood and watched Mike hug his father in this home, I listened as Mike said, "Dad, thank you for being such a good dad and teaching me."  Mike's father replied, "It was my pleasure."  

Oh life, why can't we just do it all over again.  It went by too fast and now it's coming to an end.

I then thanked Mike's dad for raising such a good son; he looked at Mike with love in his eyes and replied, "He's special."

The love we have for our children.  The respect we have for our parents. I hope it's all true and we can all be together again someday . . .well and healthy.

Friday, October 17, 2014


Keaton had his official visit at BYU this weekend.
 Along with 7 other boys.  Daniel, Clay, Easton, Brian, Alex, Keaton, Jackson and Zack.

 Keaton's happy.
 Momma's happy.
 Everyone's happy.
The two days were filled with activities. Tour of the campus and baseball facility, scout day at Miller Park, Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Activities with Student Hosts (fun, fun, FUN!) the Big Homecoming Football Game, and back to the hotel.
 There was an excitement in the air this weekend.
I'm sure proud of my kids.  Thank you Heavenly Father.