Friday, April 29, 2016


I get so teary eyed.

That was once MY LITTLE BOY! 

And after the game, he is signing autographs.

Thursday, April 28, 2016


If you know baseball, you know what I'm going to talk about right?

Keaton's getting a lot of attention in the news.  People are so nice here in Cedar City and have been coming up to me excited about what he's doing at BYU.

I smiled today when my friend, who's the doctor's wife, came up to me and said, "Kim, I love reading about Keaton. What's an RBI?" She had been reading about Keaton's statistics I assumed.

I felt so smart as I told her, "When Keaton's up to bat, if there are runners on base and he hits the ball hard and the runners score, that's called a RBI - runs batted in."

She smiled and nodded, "Oh, I get it now!"

I smiled too because I know she knows anatomy better than I do.

#GoCougs! #Dr.Kringlen too

Baseball cannot be learned at a glance.  It must be learned, studied and embraced. To know baseball isn't common; it's an accomplishment one can be proud of.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Hustle and Heart sets you apart . . . Always!  Safe on first base after a pass ball at the plate.  That's what HUSTLE can do for you.  Never, Never Give Up!  HUSTLE.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


This is what I saw when I pulled up to the ball field; these cute BYU Cougars. I smiled.
Keaton and Danny; two of a kind.  Except one's tall and thin, the other big and wide,
I wondered if this (the rain) might happen, but took off for Provo anyway.  I didn't want to miss watching the BYU Cougars hopefully win, but just as I arrived at Utah Valley University, Keaton called and gave me the news, "Mom, game cancelled. Meet me at my truck. Do you want to go to dinner?"  I told him I was too old to be traveling late at night so I better turn around and head back home.  He gave me a hug and hollered to Zack Brinkerhoff, "See you at the hood!"

Oh, these boys are having fun now that school is out and they are living in a new apartment; Glenwood.  It's really not new, I think it's a dive with their beds held up with cinder blocks, but they are happy and having a good time.

We need a series win this weekend. Go Cougars!

Monday, April 25, 2016


Doors open at 11.

Pizza Factory has been closed and shut down this past week - no business. We remodel the restaurant after 13 years of being at this location; 131 South Main Cedar City, Utah. We gutted the whole dining room to start anew. We're also trying a new style - fast casual where you order at the counter, get your own drinks and then we bring you your food.

Everyone thinks the new place is fancy, but with change, there were a few complaints. Some people still want to be seated, waited on and pampered. I don't blame them I do too.  We let them know Pizza Factory will still serve them with the full sit down menu.

We want to make everyone happy. Come in and see how beautiful the restaurant is. And remember, we always want to serve YOU.


And this Mamma's happy they are safe and sound.

What a party!

Keely's loves concerts, she loves music, she loves dressing up, and she loves her friends; but she sure missed Michael Gayson this year.

Sunday, April 24, 2016


I'm 53!

My big day started with these instagrams from the kids, and then because of it, the birthday wishes continued all day long.  It was a fun time.  It's not bad being old.

Look what else happened on April 24, 2016; Baby Isaac was born in Colorado. My sister Julie became a grandma for the first time. It was scary for her to watch her daughter Olivia go through 34 hours of labor, but Julie saw many miracles throughout it.  Julie states, "An amazing miracle after miracle, strength and grace as problem after problem transpired.  He (meaning our Heavenly Father) was so amazing in showing His mighty hand in each one of us.  And for Him to bring Baby Isaac out with only 2 short pushes when the whole medical staff was already prepared to take Olivia to have a C section was a pure eye opener of how our Father in Heaven is not many times early, but never late. Oh how we all praise Him and give Him glory for His help."

I loved my sister's statement how Heavenly Father is not many times early, but never late.  So true . . . it's all about His timing . . . and sometimes after much adversity that we don't understand.

I also honor and praise Him.

I wish I was Olivia just delivering my babies.  I want to do it all again. I sure loved my babies and now my big people.