Friday, August 15, 2014

DAY TWO - It's Friday!

Notice the mustache - it's coming back.  "Oh NO!" says Keely Bugs. Keaton tells us he's growing it for his senior picture.  I said, "Keaton, I want you to look good when I display all the kids in their senior picture upon the mantel."  He answers back, "Mom, it's going to be funny in the yearbook."  Oh, these kids.
Keaton doesn't know if he likes school.  He's got senioritis already.  I remember Pete and Keely last year saying, "Senior year is a waste of time." I think I kind of agree; let's move them on to college.

I think Keaton's excuse is . . . he just wants to sleep in.

Thursday, August 14, 2014


It was getting late last night and Mike and I were upstairs in bed watching tv.  Keaton was downstairs playing with his new video game.  I warned him to get to bed.  A few minutes later here he came into the room with his red shirt wrapped around his neck like a hero's cape and puffing up his muscles as he came closer to Mike. You know what that means?  Keaton wants to fight; wrestle that is with Mike.

The wrestling takes place until Mike does one of his army tricks and Keaton surrenders.

While Keaton is still in our bedroom, I ask him what he is going to wear to school tomorrow?  He says, "Let me try on a couple of outfits for you."  Mike can't get over how my kids like to model.  He makes a funny comment, "No, that will go on for an hour."

Keaton leaves the room and heads to his closet; a few minutes later here comes Keaton back in with a new outfit on that he thinks he's going to wear for the first day.  "Where did you get that shirt?"  Mike asks and then Mike wants to feel the material.  I think Mike probably would have liked one of them himself.

Outfit 2 below was next.  This was going to be the outfit Keaton was going to wear Day 2, but when Mike said, "I like this one better, it's more you."  To my surprise, this is what Keaton had on this morning.
This is the last time I will take a picture of the first day of school of my children. This makes me sad!  I remember when I sent them off to kindergarten.
When Keaton came in the bedroom last night to model this outfit, Mike asked, "Do you know who that is?"  With confidence, Keaton replied as he pointed to each fighter, "Ya, this is you and this is me; you're Frazier and I'm Muhammad Ali."  Oh it's fun to have boys around; they always want to be the biggest dog in town.
 My baby boy is too big now.  "195," he told me yesterday.

I love this kid! "Be a good boy at school."

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sunday, August 10, 2014


 We caught the bug. Our Tour of Cedar City.

Mike and I followed the Tour of Utah on the internet the rest of the week.  After experiencing the feeling in our hearts on Monday, we took off on our own bikes to get in on the hoopla.

The first day we put in 8 miles. (I got sick. I finally knew what those football players go through at the beginning of the season; I felt like I was going to puke.)  Day two 14 miles.  Day three 16 miles with a speed at one time of 27 mph and today at the finish line we put in 20; to Summit and back.  TOTAL miles of our tour - 58!  Not bad for two amateurs.  Mike even commented, "My legs are wobbly."

I have to give Mike the yellow leader jacket; he really was the winner.  When I would get tired, he would hook on and push me along.  I felt bad for a minute and then he said, "It's a win win. I get a better workout and you are right here keeping up with me."

Life may not be about your bike, but it can sure help you get through it. 

Is it because it reminds you of childhood? 

The bicycle is a curious vehicle, it's passenger is it's engine.

My bicycle is my psychiatrist. So true!

Monday, August 4, 2014


Mike asked me if I wanted to bike in to town to see the finish of the Tour of Utah Stage 1 held here in Cedar City.  Mike was at the starting mark this morning and was following it at home later during the day on the internet.

I heard it was a big deal last year, so I thought I would like to experience it myself this year.  Mike and I got on our bikes and headed out; 3.5 to be exact - 7 miles round trip.  It was raining a bit and the skies were cloudy around the mountains.  I thought, "Those bikers are going to get wet. However, I bet it would feel real good to them."

We took the long way into town, around the Piute Indian village; ended up on 200 south and headed towards main street.  We were a bit early.  As we proceeded down the street, the volunteer asked us not to get on the street, "Stay on the sidewalk please."  I reaffirmed to her, "We'll obey."

Main and Center were packed with people, the cow bells were ringing and Mike asked, "Where's ours?"  He didn't want to be left out, he wanted to join in with the crowd.

The volunteer cop asked the people on the curb to step back a few feet because when those bikers came around the corner, they were going to be at high speed and they would want to hit the curb as close as they could.

The police motorcade came first, then the bikers.  I couldn't believe the feeling that came over me as I watched them pedal away.  Those boys were in shape, they had dedicated their days with exercise and determination, the will to win was strong within, and my heart felt it too as I began to shed a tear.  It wasn't a sad cry, it was a cry of respect and honor to them that had trained so finely to compete in this 105 mile race.

Mike and I moved quickly to the finish line, we wanted to be in on the competition.  They circled around main street twice, so closely all of them.  If one of them would have had to stop . . . it would have really been a collision.

We smiled as we saw the support cars right behind the bikers, they were zooming just as fast.  Subarus, Toyotas and BMWs.  I even saw a Volkwagen Jetta, Keely Bugs.

We cheered them on as we leaned up against the white metal fence. Mike was close behind letting me know what was on the big screen.  Here comes Jelly Belly, oops now Cannondale from Italy.  It was exciting as the announcer's voice rang out in the streets.  The cow bells were just a jingling. "Thank you Cedar City."

Then I looked over directly across from me, it was a young woman I recognized in a turban; I knew just what she was going through.  She was in a race herself.  I was so proud of her as I saw her cheer on the boys; she looked down at her two little children and smiled, then I watched as her husband gave her a kiss on the forehead. "How sweet."

My thoughts then changed to how we are all in our own personal race, the day to day grind, the heartaches  and sorrows that we experience, and then the triumphs. I visualized the crowd of people as our own cheerleaders, each one of them cheering us on personally.  I knew who some of them were and wondered who else?

Thank you to my family; the ones that love me the most. Thank you for your support and your kind words.  I love you so much.

I was here, right on this green and white fence cheering on the winners and the peloton.  Tour Utah was so much fun.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


My Aunt Irene died.  She was the last of my dad's family to go.  If it's all true, I wonder what kind of reunion was held on the other side.  Can you just imagine.  Grandma and Grandpa all together with their 10 children.  Nothing better!

I was in California at the time of her funeral.  I was so sad that I had to miss it.  I told Glenda and Blaine to take notes; I wanted to hear all about it.  Here's Brother Blaine and his beautiful wife Natalie.

Monday, July 28, 2014