Saturday, December 20, 2014


There's one word that I don't put up with and that is the F-BOMB!

I've got a great story; I want this for my posterity.  I'll be back later.


Anything you can do . . . Mike CAN DO BETTER!  I'm now turning the laundry over to him.  He truly does do everything better and I'm too tired to care. Well, I do care, but my eyes are so bad and I can't see which is which these days.

This morning Mike leaves me in bed; he's up getting ready for the day; there are chores for him to get started.  I noticed him going in and out of the bedroom; no clue what he's up to.  He finally comes to the side of my bed and asks, "Do you know where any undershirts are?"  YES, that is HIS PASSIVE AGGRESSIVENESS.  He's a master at that!

He knows right what has happened; Keaton's got them and I didn't sort them properly when the laundry was done. Together, we knew more undershirts needed to be purchased.

A few seconds later, after going to get his socks on, here he came again to the bedside showing me this.  I just shook my head.  I can't do everything!  

Merry Christmas.

Friday, December 19, 2014


There's a few titles I could use in this post.  We just got home from putting Deon to bed for the night.  I was thinking as we were in his room . . . "Til He appears and the soul felt its worth;" I love that verse. It's POWERFUL to me.  How great we all are.  Our bodies and souls are incredible; and the individual experience of life that we are all getting is so meaningful. There's got to be something more to just here.

Or from what I'm viewing in Deon's room my heart is always touched and it brings back so many memories . . . "You will get a sentimental feeling." I certainly could use that one. Looking back fondly on memories.  All these thoughts are going through my mind, but the Christmas title I'm using is "Pretty Good," because it's Deon's quiet comment that he always uses.

I want to jot some things down because I know this will be a life lesson that Keaton will cherish, but it's late, so I will be back tomorrow.


Each night Mike drives to the rest home after a busy day working and puts his father to bed.  Each night Deon enjoys "The Works."  It's the routine that we always give him.

Earlier in the week, Mike told his father that we needed to be in Richfield on Friday for Keaton's basketball game.  Deon got concerned and said, "Who will put me to bed?"  Mike reassured him that we would be there, but it would be just a little later - around 10:30 pm.

Mike usually puts his father to bed around 9, so we weren't sure what would happen.  Richfield beat CVHS  and Keaton wanted to come home with us.  The Gaylan Springer family was in town (Richfield) and we ran in to them.  We got all caught up on their family.  They sure have a good one!  Richfield was all decorated up with lights; and as we drove from the high school, Keaton admired them. Keaton commented on one, "That's what our house is going to look like when the grandkids come."  I started laughing because we all know that's what Mike has promised, so I made Mike turn the car around to take a picture so I could have it for evidence.

Mike asked if we wanted to stop in Elsinore at DQ for an ice cream.  I thought about it, then stated, "I'd rather save my calories."  We stopped and my Hawaiian blizzard was worth all of them.

As we came closer to Cedar City, Keaton reminded us that his truck was parked at the high school.  Mike not wanting to waste anymore time asked, "Would it be all right if we take you to dad's for a second?"  Keaton commented, "Absolutely!"

Guess what we found when we got there?  Deon sitting up on the edge of his recliner waiting for us.  It was touching. We all went over and gave him a love.

It's interesting how Deon's mind is still in tack after not eating for so long.  He's weak for sure, but he always wants to talk.  We keep him in life as we tell him everything and he always comments and even adds some humor, appreciation and congratulations.

"How's Gaylan?" Deon asks.  "Still Gaylan," Mike answers.

When I was finished with Deon's back rub and the nurse came in, I went over to the couch to sit by Keaton. Keaton put his arm around me and said, "Mom, you are so good."  I knew then what Keaton had experience.  This is something that has always been important to me.  I want my children to know how tender death is.

Mike got his father all comfortable in bed; Deon was tired.  Mike told him to go to sleep, we would stay for awhile.  Deon's eyes are mostly closed all the time now so sometimes we don't know if he's sleeping or not.  We watched him for awhile and then saw his lips move, so Mike got up to get closer.

"What do you want me to do with that jacket and shirt?"  Mike knows how to figure out his father.  It's tender.

We all gathered over Deon's bed, gave him a love and reassured him that we would be back tomorrow. "Kim, pray for me to go," he said.

Now that is something that always hits me.  My father asked the same thing of me, and I will heed.

Keaton was the last to lean over Deon while he was laying comfortable in bed. Keaton wrapped his arms around Deon and said,  "I love you grandpa."

We then left the quiet room with only the television on, walked down the hallway, got in the car and drove home . . . with all our precious memories.

Life, we all have one . . . I hope yours is always a good one.


We're going GREEN around here . . . do you know what that means?  "Don't be trashy! Reuse, reduce, RECYCLE!"

I'm being a better wife lately by making my husband a to go lunch for work.  I started this about a month ago and he really likes it.  Everyday as I packed the lunch in a big plastic Ziploc bag, I cringed because I hated using one each day; they cost money.

A few weeks later, Mike brought home a little insulated RED bag. He's always getting gifts on his routes along his way.  DING DING!  I'm going to start using this.  It's been perfect and it keeps the lettuce cool.  In addition, I'm not wasting Ziploc baggies.

Plus, doesn't he look cute with his little RED purse.
"Hurry Home Honey."


Hope . . . it's a thought process.

Five GOLDEN Rings . . .

. . . four calling birds, three French hens, 2 turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree!

I love to go to work, but I also love to stay home.  Mike and I discuss this regularly.  Mike told me I need to go to work more. "We need more money for Phase 4."  "What's phase 4?" I asked. "Our golden years," he answered.

Life, according to Mike:
Phase 1- Our Childhood
Phase 2 - Raising Kids
Phase 3 - After the Kids are Raised and they have left the nest.
Phase 4 - No more phases it's The Golden Years!  I think I can wait; I'm in no hurry to get here.

Yes, I'm off to work; on my computer Mikey. hahaha 

And Yes, I know how to fix it! Smartie Pants.

Super Glue for YOU, not Keaton on the kitchen counter.  Love you.

Thursday, December 18, 2014


"We praise you, we bless you, we worship you, we give thanks to you for your great glory."  That's what this title means.

I'm feeling very humbled and blessed today and want to share my conversation with Keely.

I also want to mention that when Keely was a little girl and our family was going through one of our biggest trials of life, Keely had an imaginary friend named Gloria. Gloria was constant in our daily life at the time; Keely always included her. I know it helped Keely through this most difficult time.

With the educational master's degree that I completed when I was a school teacher, I learned of early childhood and imaginary friends.  I wasn't concerned with Keely over this, I knew it was normal.  And to be truthful, I was very thankful for Gloria; I felt that she was Keely's guardian angel at this time. Thank you Heavenly Father; I praise you.

My Girl finished her final test at the University of Utah today; here is our conversation.  You read each page in columns 1, 2, 3.

Now, go to this page. . .

"Glory to God."  Thank you Heavenly Father.

Hurry Home Keely Bugs; it's been a long time since Wednesday Write Up.